Sunday, August 29, 2010

Opening New Doors in PHOTOGRAPHY

September 17-19

I am excited!
I am butterfly in the stomach nervous
with anticipation.

I've registered for my first photography ANYTHING
since high school!

I will get to learn from and spend time with
some professionals that I respect in the
local publishing and photography arena:
*Bernie Hunhoff from the South Dakota Magazine
*Chad Coppess Senior Photographer for SD Department of Tourism & State Development
His blog is Dakotagraph.

Did I mention that I am excited?
And going to have to pretend that I'm not nervous?
And a bit shy about my little camera I'll be taking?

I envision these incredible cameras . . . and here I will be with my
Canon PowerShot.

But . . . it's what I have got.  And I'm just excited
(oh, I already said that)
to get to go
indulge in something that I am passionate about:
photography of my state of South Dakota.
I love where I live and I love to embrace my place.
There is always something to savor where ever a person lives.
Something unique that someone from another area would notice and adore.
It is one of my goals to adore those things that are right here.
Right under my nose.
Right in my own back yard.
There is so much to do and see and learn and love
close to home.

If you want to join me,
click here:
Black Hills Photo Shootout

The SECOND thing is the
Better Homes and Gardens Photo Contest
"Home: It's where life happens"
The deadline is September 30 and I can enter one album with up to 6 pictures.
So . . . I am asking you to vote.
Just leave a comment of your theme choice.

3 choices:
click the first 2 see my blog of these.
Summer Bubbles
Sprinkler Sparkler
"Come Outside and Laugh With Me Mommy!"


These were some photos
I took of Erin this spring after she said,
"Come outside and laugh with me, Mommy!"
How can a mom resist that?

In the photo above, she was saying,
"Be free!  Be free water!"  as she broke the ice.

Part of my life right now...
as a mom

And here she was saying,
as her boots suction-cupped in the mud,
"I'm scared!  I'm scared, Mommy!"

We decided that going on an adventure
has to have times when you are scared
that's what makes it
an adventure.

I'd love to know your vote for the photo contest!
Have a great week!

All photos copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. Hi Jodi...I like them all, but if I'd have to pick just one, "sprinkler sparkler" has more of my favorite pics ...2,3,5, 7,8 & 10& last one. I just think they tell a nice story. Beautiful!

  2. I love them all too. I think i vote for summer bubbles. Although it's hard to choose. your photo's are great, I always love them. ( Do you need a photography class.) How exciting to take a class. good luck with the competition.

  3. I vote for "sprinkler sparkler" or "Come outside and play with me, mommy." I especially love the first pic above and can totally relate to embracing messes. I love your attitude to appreciated the beauty that surrounds you. That would be perfect to write to Better Homes and Gardens when you submit your photography! Enjoy your class--you'll be great!

  4. I vote for the sprinkler shots. too cute!
    Good for you joining a class and submitting work, brave girl!
    blessing to you,jill

  5. I like "sprinkler sparkler" or "summer bubbles". They're both great. I wish you the best of luck!

  6. Ooooo, Sprinkler Sparkler is my favourite. Good luck and congratulations on your photographic adventures!

  7. My vote is the bubble shots! They are beautiful. I love the colors of the sky in some of the shots... gorgeous!! Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your photography class! :)

  8. I'm loving the bubbles- but I graviate towards shapes and graphic things. So the faces with the bubbles make me smile.
    And... I especially love your post above with "come outside and laugh with me mommy"- it just melted my heart.
    So nice to meet new friends from "Sneak Peek Friday". Looking forward to seeing you more!

  9. The Sprinkler Sparklers are wonderful - I love # 5, 8, 10,11,14 and 15. The photos right here are adorable - it's really hard to decide.
    Good luck for both contests!


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