Friday, June 5, 2015

Live in full color.

Live in full color.

To me, it's the same message as living wholehearted or living all-in.

It is how I most want to live.

However, in life there are seasons
standing on the edge,
living half-hearted,
going through the motions,
grief for all manner of losses.

Sometimes it is in these seasons,
that I find a deeper faith,
more rock-solid truth,
my core values,
how I want to live,
how I don't want to live.

There are seasons and color pallets of rest:
grays, muted beige, white, neutrals... 
like the gray-toned flowers collaged onto this piece.

We need some of those seasons.
And some of them we just have to go through
whether we need them or not,
and certainly don't want them.

And then,
there are seasons
of feasting

Of submerging yourself in the deep end of the pool.

Of letting the heat and the wind and just whip your hair.

Of breathing in deep the scents of summer flowers.

Of taking big gulps of iced cherry limeade.


Those seasons are good too.

This art celebrates
those all-in,
living in full color,
rejoicing and doing good seasons.

Here's the photo from Pinterest
that inspired this art.
I'm not certain of the original source of the photo,
but it certainly stirred my heart.

There are a few songs that come to mind with this idea:

Look 'em up!

They always remind me to consider how I'm living.
If I'm being true to who I am and what I believe...or not.

They remind me that I do have choices.

That I have to take risks
do things that make my knees knock
maybe parts of me will break
its better than
wondering if I should have 
in my

Somehow, someway,
this art evokes that idea of wholehearted living
within me.

Reminds me to enjoy life.

To ask myself what I need

Do good.
Live wholehearted.
Live in full color.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Art Works in Progress

Here's a little peek
into my "studio space"
a.k.a. "kitchen".

{eeek! i'm excited about what i'm making!}

These are some works in progress.

Lately I am loving new mediums in my art:


sketching with charcoal


Golden's crackle paste.

My next event 
where you can see me and my artwork 
is in Rapid City, South Dakota 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Everything is Brighter After the Rain

We had 2.75 inches of rain yesterday and last night.


Every thing

I knew if I walked today,
I'd be rewarded with something

I was.

A blue bird.

Birds are eloquent expressions
of life and vitality
and watching them makes you

~ Roger Tory Peterson

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birding.

"Mom! Come outside and listen! It sounds beautiful out this morning!" 
were the words of my youngest before school this week.

She was so right.  

It sounded absolutely beautiful.

The sun was shining. Snow was melting and the birds were so happy
that their happiness spilled over onto us with their singing.

Do you know what made me happiest?
That she heard it.
That my girl's ears were open enough to notice and to fully completely delight in the sounds
so much that she wanted me to hear it too.

Oh, my friends, that is why I share my pictures and stories 
about birds,
about heart-shaped rocks,
about sunsets,
about dewdrops on blades of grass,
about sunshine on barbed wire fences
about my faith.
Because I want you
to see it and hear it too.
I want you to see 
the sacred,
the beautiful,
the holy,
the breathtaking
in everyday

It is May.

May is the month of migration and also of nest building.

It is the month that I anticipate the arrival of my favorite blue birds:
the Lazuli Bunting and the more rare Indigo Bunting.

So you will see me sharing my pictures on facebook, Instagram, and right here,
as I get so crazy happy about these birds.

I hope that some of that happy spills over into your life too!

Fill your feeders with sunflower seeds and suet
and bring them into your yard and watch your kids get excited about them too!

I'd love to see and hear about the birds you see too!

Happy Birding!

"If you get bored with birds, you get bored with life."
Roger Tory Peterson

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring. Oh My Heart.

Meadowlarks are singing.
Morning sunshine makes everything golden.
There is a faint hint of green whispering its presence from the ground.
Mama cows look with suspicion upon me walking 
even though I'm on the other side of the creek and the fence.
My heart swells.
Oh. My. Heart.
It is full.  It aches with fullness.
Tomorrow is the first day on the calendar.
But there are no hard lines to seasons.
They blur together as one fades into the next.

The sounds of the birds
at each season change
create a longing in my heart.

I wrote of it after hearing the first meadowlarks' songs
earlier this week.

I hear you
Even though I do not see you yet
You stir in me
a longing
for innocence
for fascination
for belief in wonderful magical things
for deep unfailing love
for sunshine warming the cold corners of my heart
for eight years old.

you sing of heavenly lands
You sing of the place
my soul longs for

You sing
coming home

Gather my pieces all together here, Lord,
the song
of the

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Birds Return

Rumors of meadowlarks
on the prairie
reached me this week
although I have not heard them yet.

Flocks of robins have been
making me happy all week.

It is spring break so
Little E and I went out and placed
two bird feeders and three birdhouses in our windbreak.
We found a dead tree
that was full of woodpecker holes
for the blue feeder from my friend Kerry.
The woodpeckers will be happy when we fill it with seeds.

wrote messages 
made pictures 
my rock collection


Monday, February 23, 2015

One day she . . .

In the past week,
I've been thinking about
The boundaries
that I come up to and look over
and then retreat back away from.

Life is continuously filled with these edges.
Thresholds open for the crossing.

Thoughts and ideas and plans and dreams
come right up to
and then back away.

And wonder
will I ever cross over?

A couple thoughts occurred to me as I was making things
the other day
I started to type up some
"One day"

What if "one day" was today?

I do believe this will
become part of one large piece
I will make to remind myself
to decide
to believe
to trust
to press
to cross
to be all in
to risk
to really live.

Putting my work, my pictures, my words out there
has been one flying leap of faith
after another.

It still takes courage.

It still opens my eyes to new places to stretch my wings,
to new butterflies flying in my stomach,
to new horizons to journey toward
with no guarantees
but lots