Friday, February 25, 2011

~ glorious riches ~

In my journal this morning,
I asked
"What would you say to me, LORD?"

Glorious riches.
Finches in the snow in your spruce tree.
Glorious riches.

A pen, blank pieces of paper, and time with Me.
Glorious riches.
My voice.
Glorious riches.
Paint, art supplies, scraps of wood, and a mind of ideas.
Glorious riches.

A demand that is greater than your supply of art pieces.
Glorious riches.
Spiral index cards that you are memorizing
of My word that is like fire and like a hammer
to demolish road blocks ~ strongholds in your life.
Glorious riches.

A walk outside with your camera.
Glorious riches.
A healthy family.
Glorious riches.
Children who seek and love Jesus.
Glorious riches.

Safety, warmth, food.
Glorious riches.
A hard-working, fun-loving husband.
Glorious riches.
Peanut butter.
Glorious riches.

Stick people drawings with sunshine over their heads.
Glorious riches.
Kutless singing Give Us Clean Hands on your mp3 player.
Glorious riches.

The dishwasher is working.
Glorious riches.
A bouquet of authentic friendships.
Glorious riches.

Glorious riches.

God will meet all your needs
according to His glorious riches
in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

I asked a friend for prayer this week
about my looming fear of having to work
at a job I hate
while someone else enjoys
the delightful days of Erin's growth and youth.

Ideas for writing, teaching and art are springing into my mind.

I listened to Beth Moore teach on
praying God's word.
The weapons of our warfare are mighty
in God for demolishing strongholds
and any high thing that exhalts itself above God.
She taught of putting His word above the
strongholds until they topple over
and are demolished.
His word like fire and a hammer to destroy even rocks.
~Jeremiah 23:29~

The Word that He gave me was
"I will meet all your needs according to
My glorious riches
in Christ Jesus."
It is toppling over my stronghold of fear.
My friend replied back in an email
that sometimes the enemy makes our fear
seem like the only viable option.
But it is not.

Glorious Riches.

This is what is happening in my heart
and the photos are
in my studio this week.
Check out the other Studios here:  Studio JRU.
sneak peek

copyright 2011 Jodene Shaw.

Friday, February 18, 2011

ART in the studio and out the door!

 sneak peek

Yesterday was spent preparing for

the Winter Women's Retreat

so these pieces were

in the studio

and now

they are going

out the door

with me and my girl.

Whew . . . that has been my week

there is more to say.

But not enough time!

Have a great weekend!

love & grace,

copyright 2011 Jodi Shaw Branching Out Inspirations.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Remembering Stones

sneak peek

In my make-shift kitchen island counter studio


I am working on a piece



Of answered prayers

of healing

of miracles

of comfort

in God's word.

It is a great honor

to be trusted to create

a shadow-box

of remembering.

Remembering Stones.

". . . each one of you take up a stone on his shoulder . . .

that this may be a sign among you . . . "

". . . when your children ask in time to come saying,
'What do these stones mean to you?'

Then you shall answer them that

. . .  the waters of the Jordan were cut off . . .

And these stones shall be for a memorial

to the children . . . forever."

Joshua 4:5,6,7 

What are your "waters of the Jordan" that were cut off?
What are your miracles to remember?
~Your miracles that only God can do~
Stones of remembrance cause our children
to ask
what is this?
what does this mean to you?
And give us the opportunity
to tell our stories
of God's hand
in our lives.
And cause us

You can visit for sneak peeks
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Studio JRU.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What if I believed this was true?


was the start of Believe Truth e-course.

Which got me thinking about these questions.

About truths.

~ What if I believed this was true?

How would I live? ~

This month,

 I am working through

Brave Girls Club

Soul Restoration.

I am at the point of looking

at my reasons and excuses

that could hold me back

and deciding to

live the life I want to be living


To be true to my Lord, to my family, to who I am.

And so

today I created

from my heart.

And I am asking myself

"Even though __________,

how can I live it anyway?"
How can I take steps toward the life

of living true

And choose take one small step in that direction


I am honored to link up with Jen and these sisters.

Finding Heaven
To God alone be the glory.
Art, photography, text copyright 2011 Jodene Shaw.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

~my little peanut~

I just love this girl.

I used to say,

"You're my little peanut."


she would


"No, you my little peanut."

But now she is big.

And we don't say it anymore.

But we


We play


Chinese checkers



She is growing up.

She is so beautiful.

My little peanut.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Backgrounds With a Growing Big Girl

In the studio this week . . .
sneak peek
I finished preparing and editing a Bible study
for an upcoming women's retreat.

Lots of working with words.

And I have lots of backgrounds prepared
to play with
on little pieces

that help me be brave to try new things
for the big pieces.

Which always inspires
my "growing big" girl
{because she's "not little"}
to try some background

experimenting of her own . . .
with my pastels.
Fearless, she is.
Bold and enthusiastic.
"Look what I did!  Isn't it beautiful?!"

She inspires me
with fearlessness
excitement to show-and-tell.

She draws stick figure smiley-faces of me
with square-scribbled hair
and a sunshine over my head
that looks like a flower.

I love it.

If I am writing, she wants to write.
She is learning her letters.

If I paint, she wants to paint.
She knows her colors.

We teach each other.
So much.

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My e-course Believe Truth
an online Bible study
begins Monday February 7.
Info is here ~ Believe Truth
Sneak Peek Lesson is Here:  Introduction to Believe Truth

Have a lovely weekend.
Love & grace,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What You Believe ~

What am I believing

about me

about life

about what it takes to really live

about God

about family

about my roles


It is a question that I have

to ask myself sometimes.

And then write.

It is revealing

if I am honest about what I am believing.

Because it directly relates

to my state of mind,


moment-to-moment living.

It is valuable.

Because when I am deeply struggling . . .

usually what I am believing




And by asking myself that question


writing the answers



choose to

believe truth


It makes a difference.


Believe Truth E-Course begins February 7.
I'd love for you to join us.
Details and enroll here:  Believe Truth


Do you believe you can cup the moon in your hands?

I guess that depends on your perspective . . .

{I am smiling here to you}

{just some fun pictures of my kids and the full moon in warmer days}