Monday, August 23, 2010

South Dakota Summer: Swimming the Buffalo Watering Hole

Once in a lifetime moments.

I love to have them.

I love to make a point to remember them.

This was one of those.

After our "Lover's Leap" 3.5 hour, 3.5 mile morning hike,

we opted to let the kids swim

at a little "beach pond"

in Custer State Park.

Ahhhhh . . . . time to kick the feet up and

relaaaaaxxxxx . . .

Just as the foundation was laid for

Erin's first sandcastle,

that had stranded us earlier in the day

was being driven through the beach area

to the sounding crack of a bullwhip!

Just look at the thrill on thier faces:

But a short 15 minutes later,

after watching the herd take a few gulps of water

the coast was clear.

And they were back in the water.

No sharks here.

Just a few hundred buffalo passing through.

Beach hazards . . . South Dakota style.

copyright August 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. Love the pix. Amazing, Jodi! You help us experience it--from miles away.

  2. lol thats awesome jodi, your right SD style!!!! love it!! this is sage m. but i dont have a profile set up, just saw this on fb.

  3. Oh wow. Now that would NOT happen in NZ! It would be sheep!!

  4. Love your posts about Custer State Park!!! What an adventure!!! Love you too! Hey - what kind of camera do you have...ours is dying - faaaast.

  5. OMG, that is hysterical, look at the thrill on their faces...they look thrilled all right!! great pix jodi, and you must have had lots of good family time...

  6. You take such beautiful pictures, and I love how you caught the "thrill" on their faces! That's too funny! I love it! I've been gone for a while, so I also wanted to tell you that I LOVE the art piece that you gave to your friend. Beautiful collage.


  7. This is a hoot! Love how you captured it!

  8. Beautiful and amazing to see! We don't see many buffalo in Ohio...except on TV.

  9. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog b/c it led me to yours! I have so much to cool that you take your kids hiking and expose them to these experiences...I love your photos. They are amazing...The scratches on the tree and your reactions is hilarious...The one with the words about wearing old clothes and getting your sanity back--I'd love to frame that and hang it in my house! I'm now a follower of your blog and will love to visit often!

  10. beautiful photos and words. They made me laugh and that is a much needed thing. loved your take on success on my blog. glad we found each other too!

  11. what a lovely place you have here! i'm so glad you stopped by mine so i could find yours...

  12. I loved this pictures -- I wasn't expecting the buffalo and it so made me smile.


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