Friday, August 13, 2010

Join Me on a Journey of Adventure~From Home!

I clearly remember in January 2008, riding up an escalator in Houston.
I was surrounded by crisp, glossy-lipped women in sassy shoes and aubergine suits
when a thought landed in my head:
Belief is the key.  It's all about belief.
What you believe is how you will live.
The thought was planted and began to take root, grow, and develop in my mind.
It has continued to grow from that moment.

My belief will determine what I speak, my actions, the way I work, play, live, love.
I will live what I believe.
So . . .
if I am going to believe something,
it may as well
be true.

I have decided to pour my heart into something that I passionately, joyously believe.
Why live half-heartedly, when I can live whole-heartedly?
This e-course is me being whole-hearted for you.

This e-course will be unfolded through my story, my journey.
Because, really, there are no "formulas".
There are lives, journeys, stories.
And we all have one.
And they are all unique.
Shaped by what we believe.
We may as well

Believe Truth.

Join me September 7-November 24, 2010 
on a journey
into God's word
and into your own heart.
To believe truth about who you were created to be.
Enroll and get details here:

Grab the Believe Truth button on my sidebar for your blog.
Thanks to Leanne Wargowsky for creating my button!
Check out her blog: From Chaos Comes Happiness
Leanne was a sister in the "Flying Lessons" e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts.


  1. How wonderful that you are getting right to one of your goals. I'll be praying for you as a vessel of grace through this study. What a beautiful thing to do for the Body of Christ!


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