Monday, August 30, 2010

~Wings of Time~Part 1

First day of school 2010

~a different type of "mother's day"~

but it is in fact a mother's day

another season of the year

of life

has passed



it is always a marker

that the wings of time

have taken flight

and that time

does fly

on by



it's a time of new beginnings

it's own 'happy new year'

yet a time of endings

and of goodbyes



even the trees

drop their leaves

like a

mother's tears


on the

first day of school

as one season

falls into the next

the first signs of fall.

the yellow leaves

mingle with

what we saw

as a first sign of spring

a last yellow dandelion


Wings of time flying on


Photos and text copyright 2010 Jodene Shaw.

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  1. Oh, thank you. This is such a beautiful post and reminder. AND stunning photos of such precious babies . . . Kristin xo


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