Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ Wings of Time ~ Part 2

Yesterday was a double portion

in the nostalgia corner of my heart.

Not only did my kids go back to school, but

my dad had his 70th birthday.

I grew up admiring my dad.

People knew him and liked him.

Everywhere we went, people smiled when they saw Phil.

And he did too.

Always cracking a tease . . .

or giving you a nickname . . .

which was a sure bet that he liked you.

He calls my mom "Alice".

Her name is Linda.

My kids have grown up knowing,
"Papa only teases the people he likes."

I didn't inherit the teasing
I am always the serious one.

But I did want to be like my dad.

I wanted that recognition like he had...

when people heard his name,

they knew what he did

who he was

that he was the A.I. guy...

that raised gelbvieh cattle.

His name was positively associated with his work.

I wanted to emulate that.

I was proud to be his daughter.

I think that growing up, I thought everyone loved my dad like I did.

I wanted to be loved like that. 

I wanted people to see me the way I saw my dad.

We gave my dad a birthday card

to make him laugh.

It plays "The Chicken Dance".

My kids loved it . . . so did he.

Erin is 3.

Yesterday she called to "tell him it was his birthday".

He was already gone for the day, but when he called back in the evening,

I said "Hello"

and on the other end of the line

I heard

"The Chicken Dance".

As we passed the phone around to wish him

Happy Birthday,

each one was treated to "The Chicken Dance".

He was and is a blend of hard work and laughter

and loving my mom . . .

that I thought was true of all dads.

just like Charles and Caroline Ingalls on TV

on Little House on the Prairie.

I was blessed with parents like this.

I wanted a marriage like theirs ~ and I have one.

Last night, on my dad's 70th birthday and my kids' first day of school,

we finished reading

Little House In The Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

It ended in the fall.

The words were fitting,

"She thought to herself, 'This is now.'
She was glad that the cosy house,
and Pa and Ma and the firelight and the music,
were now. 
They could not be forgotten,
she thought, because
now is now.
It can never be a long time ago."

I am glad that I was happy, like Laura, 
to have now be now
as a girl growing up.

This is now.
I embrace it.
My dad at 70.
My kids at 11, 8 and 3 ~ going back to school.

keeps flying
to a new now
a new season
a new age.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

text copyright 2010, Jodene Shaw.


  1. WHAT a beautiful post! I loved how you compared your parents to Charles and Caroline - yes, that was the perfect model, wasn't it! And now you have come full circle! I love it! Happy first day of school (mine went to Kindergarten!) and birthday to your dad, Kristin xo

  2. What a nice post about your dad - he seems like a very special and wonderful man. You're so lucky to have him in your life - and your kids as their granddad. I love the "Chicken Dance"!

  3. Beautiful, Jodi. What a blessing you have your Dad. Mine died at age 59 back in 1996. *sigh*. I miss him like crazy...I truly enjoyed you sharing your Dad with us. He sounds wonderful!!!

    I loved that quote from Little House. That is my very fave book in the series. I have all my books from my childhood...love them still:)

    I am back home now and oh, so happy to be!!



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