Thursday, April 17, 2014

The View From My Art Corner

Finding beauty in the mess.

There are several months of scraps and things scattered around the space where I create.
It was like a path of memories over recent days.
Bits that I'd intended to use in art.
Quotes for art, or reminders for my day, inspirations, help for decisions.

I decided to really look.
To focus.
So I grabbed my focusing tool:  the Nikon.
And started looking.

Sometimes I get so familiar with my surroundings
that I forget why I have it there in the first place.
So, I read and I think and I remember.

~ Scripture memory cards from Ann Voskamp ~

Decision cards ~ I made in Life Restoration online class by Melody Ross ~

Neo Colors introduced to me by Junelle Jacobsen and her lovely wild art classes

~ from Jeanne Oliver's class The Journey of Letting Go ~

~ Kelly Rae Roberts print ~ Surrender ~
It reads:
Whatever you may be celebrating or grieving,
may you practice courage every day
and let it nurture your spirit
however weary or uplifted it may be.
There is hope in our celebrations
and strength in our brokenness.
May you embrace your own sweet surrender
with faith and courage along the way.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The View From The Hayfield

This one of for Aunt Jean.
Pictures of home in the spring.

The baby calves are bawling
and the mama cows are highly suspicious of me
because I am walking instead of driving the cake pickup.

The meadowlarks and robins are singing
and the creek is even running with a little waterfall.
It's been dry the past two springs.

It really is the perfect time for "birding".
There are no leaves, so they are easy to find.
No bugs and no tall weeds to navigate.
No ticks yet either.

Just look at who was keeping an eye on me
as I walked the fence line of the hay field.
Not just suspicious mama cows.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The View From The Drop Bunch

I just can't find the right ones.
So it's a good thing that a picture is worth a thousand
which means I've got enough words in pictures for a story here.
These ol' cows above are happy for the melt and mud,
I would think, because it means sunshine and warmth as they wait for their babies.
It's a season of expectations and weariness when the calves are coming.
It is especially tender this year.
I wonder how long it will be so tender?
Maybe always.

Maybe the tenderness can open my eyes.
Maybe it is good to stay a bit tender . . . 

Come to Me.
All you who are weary and carry heavy burdens
I will give you rest.
{says Jesus according to Matthew chapter 11}