Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Focusing Thoughts. . .

Written 3-19-08

The black cold, hard lump of coal that is empty--void of all feeling--it sucks in all joy and pulls color out of the world. That is what black does. She is holding it tightly. Like a magnetic force, her hand and the rock is. It is all she sees. It has captivated her. She is mesmerized by the blackness of it, by the lack of color, the lack of life. It is held right before her eyes. Because it is held so close, it is the only "truth" she knows. It consumes all that she sees, all that she thinks about, all that she speaks. It grows, gets bigger, with every thought and with every word.

Yet surrounding her, all around her, is this glorious sphere like a diamond prism that casts radiant light and love. It makes millions of rainbows. Tiny rainbows. Rainbows are promises of God. Many millions of promises adorned in color and light scattering everywhere. It is all around her. It is true. She need only release the lump of coal from her hands before her eyes and look up and around into the light and see it: the light, the love, the colors, the promises, the hope that are right before and around her. The Light is the Truth.

But as long as the rock is held before her eyes, she will not see all that surrounds her. She will believe in that lump and live from that lump, trapped in a prison of her own will. Let it fall and she can be free to receive healing and restoration, freedom, and love that flows from the Father, from the Truth. It will take a moment for her eyes to adjust to the radiance but if she makes the choice to keep her eyes turned toward the diamond, the light, the truth, then it will be but a moment before the adjustment in focus in complete. It is in that window that she must not pick up the black lump and put it back in front of her eyes to sheild them.

The pain will be momentary but then a lifetime of new life in radiant beauty is before her rather than the slow, dull numbing pain of the black lump.

Let it fall, roll away and reveal the glory that surrounds her--that is right before her eyes. The life she's always wanted is right before her eyes. All the richness, vibrant beauty in full color immersed in Love is right here, right now. It is here all around.

The sun can be blocked with a penny when held close enough to the eyes. Drop it and experience it's radiance. What is focused on gets bigger. What is spoken of grows. What is held close is believed and is given power by belief. Belief is shaped by thoughts, by focus, which shapes actions, shapes a life lived. What is believed is what is lived, whether true or false. Discover truth. Believe Truth.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." John 14:6

copyright 2009. Jodene (Jodi) Shaw