Friday, August 27, 2010

SNEAK PEAK! Into Believe Truth ~ e-course ~

Can I say that I am humbled by the support for this upcoming e-course?!
You ladies have given me so much encouragement
and the enrollment has made me feel a bit . . . well . . .
let's just say that I want this to be great for you!
And it is going to be.
Just the preparation for it has been so exciting.
I have stories that I can't wait to share!
In fact...
I cannot stand to wait.

My new blog friend Jennifer is hosting a Friday blog party,
so I am joining the fun
with my own sneak peek.
Jennifer's art is phenomenal...check it out here:  Studio JRU

SO . . .
I am giving you a preview
of what to expect for the upcoming e-course


which begins September 7.
The day after Labor Day.

So . . . click HERE
to go to the preview:
OR. . .
look up at the top of this page....all the way up
in the right hand corner....
and click on SNEAK PEAK!

If you think it is going to be too much reading,
check this out!

Then you will have an idea of what it will be like!
Have questions?
Check out FAQ here.
Or also see the tabs at the top of the page.
Or email me at


Remember. . . South Dakota residents can mail checks.
They need to be received by September 1 so that I can get your password to you!

Enrolling online through credit card or paypal?
Go ahead an enroll right up to September 6.

Thank you so much
for so much support and encouragement!


  1. god is using you in a mighty way jodi...i pray that the women who go through this study will empty their hearts desire for anything other than god, and fill it with his word, love and goodness. there is nothing else that satisfies or fills that void. nothing.
    i know that to be truth.

  2. Thanks Bev! You have been one of my main encouragers in taking this flying leap of faith! I appreciate you and look forward to where this will take us personally and in friendship too!
    grace & love,

  3. You have certainly been busy creating! I am so excited for you, I know what you have put into this awesome course! I know it is going to be a blessing to so many people!

    So happy you joined in the 'sneak peek friday' post... it is fun to see what you are up to! :)

  4. How wonderful. I hope your participants are blessed and encouraged by your class.

    I love your sunflower picture. Just gorgeous!!

  5. Thanks for your comment on my were feelin' me! Love your blog and your witness to The Father. I am looking forward to seeing how God uses you and growing with you in this journey of Faith.
    May God bless you!

  6. Wow! So nice to meet you! What a powerful blog you have. It's awesome seeing your love for God!

  7. i am all the way in love lust and all that with that yellow and green flower! i need it in my life. it is sooo moving. do you have prints for sale?


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