Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year ~ The Beagle Steals the Show

Happy 2016!
I have returned from my
unintended 6 month vacation from blogging!

So, I started my return by heading out into the
snowy, prairie wind
to take a nature photo
for the little Facebook challenge I am doing.

I got down on the ground to get a good view of the snow blowing in the wind.

And this is what happened:

Yes, he thought it was time to play.

And then I remembered that I came out here for 
"nature photos".

So, back to that.
Here is our road to our home
that my husband and son
just drove through not 30 minutes
prior to this photo.

Isn't this lovely?
Kinda makes you want to move to the prairie?

Maybe not?
Keeps out the "riff-raff".
That's what we say around here.

Not to be outshined
by sparkling snow,
Toby the beagle decides
to take
a Beagle Bath:

A clean beagle.

Today also happens to be my husband's birthday
and I was just thinking this morning that we didn't have
a recent photo together in the past year.

So here comes the photo op . . . 
announced by the beagle:

Here comes my son and my husband. 

So here's our latest photo together...
Happy Birthday, Jim! 

Happy New Year 2016!