Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Slips Away in the Shaw Yard

This was my facebook post last night before I went to bed,

"what a yard-full of activity!  Our grandma cat Blackie
brought 3 kittens:  Yamaha, Mr. Bubbles and Grace to our house.
Toby, the beagle, and Yamaha are NOT hitting things off well...
lots of puffy tails, hair standing on end, hissing and woo-woo-wooing.
Kids were also blowing bubbles in the sunset....COOL pictures.
Also 4 baby birds in nest over window."

So here are the photos of our evening in the yard

as July slipped away into August.

Erin watering the yarrow (only thing the grasshoppers won't eat.)

Thunderstorm over Pierre (2 hours away).

Check out Chad Coppess' blog Dakotagraph for his view.

The 4 baby birds. . . ok, they are barn swallows.

Not a favorite among birds.

But they are NOT in my little "garage" . . .
pooping on the hood of my car.

This would be Yamaha.

Who is NOT a beagle lover.

And THIS is blowing bubbles in the sunset.

They had a HYSTERICAL time.

In the Psalms it says this ...

and we sing it almost every Sunday...

"This is the day that the Lord has made,
we will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. Beautiful! I love how you captured July turning to August. Gorgeous colors in those sky photos! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!


  2. I was looking at the Dakotagraph blog and noticed your comment about the storm so I had to check you out...WOW!!! I love your photos...I especially like the one of the bubbles against the stormy sky. I also like what you have written the last few days...very insightful! Keep up the writing and the great photography.
    ~Cindy Bostrom~

  3. Beautiful pictures, Jodene! Your Yamaha looks like my Dmitry. Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments!


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