Saturday, August 21, 2010

South Dakota Summer: Hiking G. Coolidge Walk-In Fishing Area

Custer State Park 2010

Savoring our state of South Dakota

The Black Hills

This last week,
we hiked some trails that we never had before.

Tommy loves fishing.

In fact, he is never done fishing. 
So the Grace Coolidge Walk-In Fishing Area hike
was perfect for him.
Especially when he hooked a beautiful rainbow trout.
Erin was "hooked" too,
when her pink salmon eggs helped her reel in a chub.

Sydney and Erin were happy to wade in the creek crossings.

I was content to photograph reflections in the six pools on the trail
along with my favorite subjects:
my family.

And a few of my other favorite things:
birds, wildflowers & butterflies.

Sydney said it was a "butterfly festival"!
We saw so many, I had to buy a new butterfly book.
So that we could identify the unique ones we saw.
I am "all about" the name, the identity, the unique characteristics . . .
in a bird, a butterfly, a flower
 . . . a person.

This gray and black ragged-edged little one,

unfolded like a paper snowflake . . .

to reveal vibrant orange and ornate-edged wings.

Fun times with the people I love!

all copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! I love your photos. I could just watch butterflies all day... they are so amazing. South Dakota is really a beautiful state! :)

  2. I see you shared these with SD Magazine ~ They would be great photos in the magazine or a SD Tourism ad.

  3. Beautiful! The scenery and your family. You are blessed to live in such a gorgeous part of the country.


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