Friday, January 28, 2011

A Little "Tappity"

Each day


jeans and shirt

end up in a heap on the floor.

Traded in

for a twirling dress

or princess clothes

and her

"tappity" shoes.

Happy to be back in the studio with Studio JRU and the Sneak Peak friends for Friday
with these happy little photos that
I did a bit of processing with.
If you'd like to see the art in my studio lately,
check yesterday's post HERE.

great news
my e-course Believe Truth is running again
with new dates
beginning February 7!
Click here for details:  Believe Truth E-Course Details
Click here for a Sneak Peek:  Believe Truth Introduction
I'd love to have you join us!
Michelle in Alberta, Canada is leading a discussion group through it
and inspired a second running!


  1. Dance, Smiley, dance!

  2. Great photos - I am noticing the play of light and shadows in them...and of course the cutie who is in those shoes! What a beautiful future memory!

  3. I love it! Seeing her in the air is amazing! She's so cute. Great photos!

  4. I loved the way you cropped the linky photo ... it made you want more!

  5. She is SO CUTE! I love her swirly princess skirt and tappity shoes! I'm guessing the tongue aids her concentration.... ♥

  6. Very cute pictures of your daughter!

  7. CUTE! I can just hear her tapping away!

  8. She is so precious. I love her tappity shoes... too cute! Great, great photos. You captured these moments beautifully. Love the mixed media pieces you have been posting. Gorgeous work! I am so happy you joined us as 'sneak peek fridays' start for the new year!

  9. Twirly dresses, tappity shoes...didn't we all love that. So sweet and happy is she. Don't you just want to freeze her at this age!

  10. Oh so very cute! Brings back happy memories of when my daughter was that age!

  11. Beautiful little girlie!!

    Jodi I love your new blog look and I LOVE your e-newsletter and I want you to know that I am learning and growing and am inspired by YOU!

    Thank you!!!


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