Friday, January 7, 2011

Tea Time Is Good Medicine

I have been fighting a case
of post-Christmas, depth of winter
blue - blahs
this week.

Erin hears the words
"Tea Party" from the media
{even though it was used in politcal context}
and has a
"Great Idea".
"Let's have a tea party!"

The dress-up box is flung open;
clothes are flying all over the floor.
She tries on a lovely white with greeen trim
Scarlett O'Hara inspired dress.
But proclaims, "These are not my favorite colors."
Back to the box.
And here is the result:
"Take a picture of me with Toby."

Our menu: 
{which she packed into a purse made by my mom}
generic Walmart smiley-face fruit snacks
orange cheese cracker packaged sandwiches
an apple.
We added some graham crackers.
I had eggs.
While I had tea, she had hot cocoa with marshmallows.
She tried "pinkies-up"
but couldn't hold the cup and the pinky up
at the same time.

Good Friday mid-morning
for winter blues.


  1. lovely ladies, Her expression makes me think of Tommy in the last shot.

  2. well, this post sure put a smile on my face! wish i was there with you!
    thank you for coming to visit me...your words are always so comforting...
    love and hugs....

  3. reading your post has me inviting you to the TeaCup Trade i'm hosting at FHC! stop by for tea & visit anytime! Welcome :)

  4. This post is soooo great! What a treasure you have here. Em and I used to have tea parties every week. I have sooo many pics. I sure do miss those days.

    What did you think of today's class? I LOVED it! My brain is in overload!!!!


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