Friday, January 21, 2011

When you've lost belief ~

This piece

was born

out of the memory of
a heart's cry


When my beliefs
about who I was
and how I would make my way

in this life

were challenged.

My heart's cry was this:
"I don't believe in myself anymore."
This is what I heard
in the quiet stillness of my spirit . . .

Little by little
it has been changing me
from the inside out
ever since.
The change
is a relief.
The change
is good.

{Whew.  Deep breath of stepping out with my heart here in this one.}

copyright 2011 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.

Even though it isn't officially started back up yet,
I am sharing this as my
Sneak Peek
In The Studio
which you can read about here:


  1. I love these pieces. I love how you shared your heart. It's so good when our hearts cry out to Him. It's better when He answers.

  2. Laura Deuter HeadrickJanuary 21, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    Wow, Jodi ~ revealing, courageous, awesome.

  3. Oh Jodi, this piece is just beautiful. "Believe in ME instead", wow... that is powerful and wonderful! Thank you for sharing your sweet heart with us! ♥ Jennifer

  4. yes, sonya. i love your comment. he is all the colors.

  5. WOW...I was trying to see what the words said...and to come to that last photo...JESUS! That piece is amazing...I really can relate...He is EVERYTHING to me! God bless!


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