Friday, January 14, 2011

Crown ~ Abundance ~ Authenticity

I joined Beth Moore's
"Siesta" Scripture Memory Team
as a simple goal for 2011.

Every 2 weeks we memorize
a personally selected scripture.

My first verse for 2011
is Psalm 65:11.
You crown the year with Your goodness,
And Your paths drip with abundance.

I don't know if I will make an art piece
for each scripture.
But it sure helps cement it in my mind,
when I engage myself
in the imagery of it.
And I do love the imagery
of this verse.

I see how it was true for me in 2010.
And I look forward to the truth of it for 2011.
He crowns the year with His goodness (not mine).
His paths (not mine) drip with abundance.
It is interesting to see what that looks like.
How His goodness blesses me ~ blesses each one.
How His path for me is unique ~ for each one is unique.
How He walks us through our seasons of joy and pain.
And how His goodness is in there amidst all of it.
And His path is walked not alone, but with Him on the journey.
Whereever it may lead.
Alongside me.
It is not how I plan or expect.

I also made this piece
on request.
"Be Authentic".

Bloom your sincere, genuine, authentic,
unique bloom.

Our authenticity
has seasons.

being dormant
being planted in the dirt
invisibly growing roots
fruit bearing.

I'm learning to be kind and gentle
to myself
and others
in my various seasons

Copyright January 2011 ~ Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. your art is so awesome, love it! nice visual interpretation of the verse. sounds like your new year is off to a good start...
    go easy...

  2. Jod....Love the art. You and your group of artists have inspired me. I created my first piece of art yesterday. Not one I get to keep but a canvas with acrylics built around the word diligence....
    I will have to take a pic and post...look for the next blog post!
    Looking forward to what scripture speaks to you tommorrow!

  3. Jodene, I really like what you wrote about both art pieces...and the Psalm is so appropriate. It spoke to me as I looked at the art piece, and what it means to you...thanks for allowing the Lord to work through you so mightily!

  4. Thank you Jodi for sharing that with us! I really think it's important to remember...I needed to remember anyway. The different seasons are vital.

    I really love the verse piece. You did a great job with the background...matches the words so beautifully!

  5. Hi. Great to see your commitment to Scripture memory and your art that complements the verse. My favorite Scripture memory website is

    In Christ, Phil Walker


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