Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What You Believe ~

What am I believing

about me

about life

about what it takes to really live

about God

about family

about my roles


It is a question that I have

to ask myself sometimes.

And then write.

It is revealing

if I am honest about what I am believing.

Because it directly relates

to my state of mind,


moment-to-moment living.

It is valuable.

Because when I am deeply struggling . . .

usually what I am believing




And by asking myself that question


writing the answers



choose to

believe truth


It makes a difference.


Believe Truth E-Course begins February 7.
I'd love for you to join us.
Details and enroll here:  Believe Truth


Do you believe you can cup the moon in your hands?

I guess that depends on your perspective . . .

{I am smiling here to you}

{just some fun pictures of my kids and the full moon in warmer days}


  1. Those photos are so, so precious Jodi! Your new look is fantastic. Great job! Your header is gorgeous... you and your smilin' face are so pretty! ♥

  2. Lovely, lovely thoughts, Jodi. You are such a blessing in my life...even though you don't really know that. But you are. Your peacefulness, your Spirit radiates out of the screen. I enjoy your posts so very much. And your children are precious!!!!!

  3. Well said, Jodi. I love to read your blog as you make me feel at peace. I close my eyes and can hear your gentle voice speaking the words and a calmness overcomes me. You have a special talent for writing and photography. I can't wait for you to write a book!

  4. "what you believe is how you will live"...sometimes easier said than done, no? life can be messy sometimes...thank god for his abundant grace...
    love the photos of the kids and the moon!


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