Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teaching Bible School This Week

There is so much I have

to share.

So much to blog from the past 2 weeks.

I am teaching Vacation Bible School this week

to ages 11 and up.

It requires more than I am.

I end each day falling asleep on the couch.

5 days to share.

My heart swells with all that I want

to say, to share, to teach . . .

stories of what God has done for me

how I want them to guard their hearts . . .

to protect the sacred place that is within them

and not let others

trample, trash, and move in to their hearts . . .

the importance of the Sword of the Spirit

~the Word of God~

that it is more than words on a page

but the very offensive weapon they have to fight

an enemy that wants to steal, kill and destroy

the core of who they were made to be . . .

that finding God

in the little things amidst daily life

that is not always how




to be

can make you realize how blessed



your life is right here, right now . . .

that hearing the Lord speak to your heart

can counsel


better than any other

and that




. . . .


much to share

 . . .

so little time.

I feel like this bird.

Here one moment

gone the next

kind of like

these kids

{including my son}

that used to be in the

5-6 year old class

now getting ready to become

teens . . . journeying to adulthood.

Praying that the Lord

shines into their hearts

this week

what they need personally

and that

they are


and sensitive

to listen

for him.


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  1. Teaching, any age, is such a big responsibility...but I do find that teens are more of a challenge to me personally. I'm praying that the Lord uses you to speak. His word will NOT return to Him void! As you trust in Him, it will come!

    (I'm filling in that same group in Sunday School this week, so you can pray for me too! =)

  2. I just got home from a long day of decorating and preparing for VBS. You never know -- what seems like a blink, is really just the beginning of God growing that seed you's growth for years to come.

  3. For 15 years we traveled and conducted VBS for other churches. One summer we had 10. Sometimes we did one in the morning and one at night. Such precious memories working with the children. Know that the seeds you are planting will grow in the young people.

    Blessings as you teach,


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