Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NEWS! *Happy Dance*

One year ago,

I was taking an e-course by mixed media artist

on starting and building a creative business.

She said to make a list of the places

{boutiques, galleries, stores, etc.}

in which you would love to have your work.

Yesterday, I made a delivery of

16 pieces of my mixed media originals

to the Jon Crane Gallery in Hill City, South Dakota.

It was on the top of my list.

My favorite gallery in the Black Hills.

Dreams unfolding.

Wings spreading.

Taking flight.

There is never a moment when all of the lights are green.

Never a time when life does not happen in one big way or another.

Never a perfect time to start something new.

But I started anyway . . .

Parts of me were still broken.

But I am beginning to



If I gushed out all that I am feeling

it would really spill out how

much I am like an excited kid!

I would love for you to visit the garden area

of the Jon Crane Gallery this summer.

Some special art events

will be coming up on my calendar

that I will share throughout the summer.

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Happy dancing here on the prairie of South Dakota!!

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  1. Awesomesauce!

  2. this is so exciting jodi...nothing like a dream come true. god is so good...

  3. Wow Jodi this is awesome.....God just keep opening doors and you fly right through....
    BEElieving in You and Your God Given Ability,

  4. Dearest sweet jodi, happy happy news! Congratz sweet friend and i am so excited for you! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  5. Oh, Jodi, as you can imagine, I'm smiling here! :-) I wish I could just drive over the gallery and see your works.
    You're flying--and I love how your heart is soaring. You're a richly talented woman with a heart for God. Thanks for living in your gifting. It takes courage.

  6. Jodi... this is so exciting! I am so happy for you! Happy dancin' with you! :)

  7. I am very happy with this exciting news! I know it takes courage to go and expose your art! But it is an amazing feeling....Congratulations

  8. Jodi, This is my favorite gallery as well! I'm so very happy for you and can't wait to get up there and see your work. Wow!! It is so wonderful to be your friend! You are very talented and I am so very proud of you!!!!

  9. Wow, Jodi, what an accomplishment! Congratulations...I am so excited for you!!!

  10. Congratulations Jodi!!!!! Know your folks are so proud!!


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