Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Choosing Motherhood Part 2


So I had to share more thoughts on motherhood.

More mothering from home advice:
dressed, brushed teeth, fixed hair and makeup.
It makes a huge difference in my attitude.
But it's easy to let it slide and not do it.

Now, I am not making any sort of condemnation
on the choice to work outside the home.
There is enough blaming that spouts around.
Parenting is hard from home and from work.
Choices to work outside the home and to work inside the home are both sacrifices.
Each family has to make that difficult choice.
As moms we do our best with the unique situation of our lives.
We, as moms, are not perfect
and neither will our kids be
whether we are at home or at work.

I simply share what my challenges
have been, especially in my thoughts,
in my choice to work from home.

Choosing to be a mom first
does not have to mean that I must
lose my own identity.

Or giving up
my own dreams.

Being a mom
is part of my dream
for my life.

I can still very much
be who I am
as a mom.
Motherhood is part of who I am.
I embrace it.

A wonderful opportunity
is there to be creative
with weaving the uniqueness
of who I am
and the "other" callings in my life
into our family life.

It is not a choice
of "them or me"
but a choice of

And how that "us" will
in our lifestyle.

I hope I teach my kids
to be who they are,
to maintain their own personal identity,

to creatively take steps
on the journey
living their beliefs,

the beautiful design

It's not all easy and beauty.
Original dreams did not all happen
just the way I wanted them.
But that is ok.
I can still dream and live those dreams
and think big
as a mom.

It just might look a little different
than I first thought,
and it just might
take more time than I had originally planned.

And choosing to be a mom
over the career status that I once desired
while developing a creative business
in our home
around our lifestyle
is living

What is your dream, mom?
For your lifestyle?
For your family?
What is most important, at the core of your life?
Are you living what is important to you?
What can you do today to take
one step,
just one step,
toward living what you believe?
If you could design your life,
what would be most important to that life?
Start today.


  1. My step today Jodi is for Amy and I to pick our after school...the last day:):) and together head one hour north to visit a dear friend and her children on their "farm". Friends, fellowship, relationships and creatively being who we are designed to be on this glorious adventure! AS I ponder imperfecton and seek direction seizing each beautiful moment in order to understand my hearts desires and be guided in this journey.
    Thanks for sharing your journey and how your hearts desires are being filled!

  2. I absolutely LOVE this, Jodi! I just TWEETED on Twitter and on posted a status on Facebook, 'cuz I want all moms to see this blog of yours. :-)

  3. "It just might look a little different
    than I first thought,"...this is so true. My dear friend's husband died suddenly when her youngest was an infant.

    In a moment, she had to go from stay-at-home to work in order to support her children.

    GOD has been her continual source of strength and peace, but there have been incredibly difficult times when she has leaned hard on Him.

  4. It is really a process of becoming. At each new stage, at each crossroads...I have to choose to embrace motherhood. It's not that I haven't always wanted this...I just didn't recognize the sacrifices (they DO exist) and the blessings (which I don't count enough).


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