Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Choosing Motherhood

a friend of mine just made the decision

to let go of her job

and stay home with her kids . . . preschoolers

a huge decision.

what would I tell her??

I'd warn her that it is hard work . . . beyond full time work.

and that there will be questions and thoughts that

creep in and that will try to make their home in your heart

thoughts that make an attempt to de-value

choosing motherhood

but that this is the truth that I make a concious choice to believe

that poured out in my journal ~

The truth is that embracing motherhood is a wonderful example
{not a bad, lazy, indulgent, luxurious example}
~an eternally valuable lifestyle and example.
The truth is that motherhood is a worthy and so, so valuable
sacrifice of servanthood . . .
not martyrdom, not doormat syndrome, not pitiful poor-me,
but weighty, glorious value.
So do not let the enemy of your heart steal the value
that is in your choice of motherhood.
Don't accept the accusation heard in your head of being lazy
or indulging in luxury, or of not contributing, or being a burden
because you are a mom making your way in life
for your family from and at home.

Moments slip away like sand

through your fingers . . .

Precious, priceless moments.

Along with mundane and monotonous and frustrating and irritating moments.

But valuable moments, none-the-less, in the life of a child . . .



Today, my 4 year old daughter
told her cousin that her
brown oval earrings
looked like
Yes, ticks.
I know, gross, right?
But that's what she said, in her blatant honesty.

She also went through this for clothes today:
pjs, "morning clothes" to wear to Bible school, play clothes, a swimsuit to jump on the trampoline in with the hose running, warm night gown because she was cold, tried on her sister's swimsuit, jeans and a t-shirt to ride the motorcycle, shorts and shirt because she was hot, joggers and a t-shirt to ride the motorcycle again, and pjs after her shower.
Then she went outside and turned on the hose in the driveway and made mud-pies at 8:00 p.m.
I gave a huge lecture that I may or may not follow through on tomorrow
about clothes and laundry.
Motherhood moments.
Some are not so great.
Some drive me crazy.
But I am thankful for them all.

And every once in a while there
are the sweet moments like this . . .
when the 9-year-old says,
"Mom, can you break your diet?"

melted chococate chips with
powdered sugar and strawberries.
You better believe
I broke my diet!

This is my one life
with each of my kids'
to live
what I believe


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  1. I've had a tough day with the kids this morning. It's slowly getting better, but your words were a balm to my soul -- to keep pressing on, to not give up, to breathe again when I feel that I am at my last breath.

    On another note, Bobbi (#29 on the link-up) wrote something empowering about motherhood, too.

  2. I LOVE what you say about how embracing motherhood is not an indulgent luxury! I often get accused of that. I have been in the workforce for 20 years because I am a stay at home mum. It sure doesn't feel indulgent!


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