Friday, February 25, 2011

~ glorious riches ~

In my journal this morning,
I asked
"What would you say to me, LORD?"

Glorious riches.
Finches in the snow in your spruce tree.
Glorious riches.

A pen, blank pieces of paper, and time with Me.
Glorious riches.
My voice.
Glorious riches.
Paint, art supplies, scraps of wood, and a mind of ideas.
Glorious riches.

A demand that is greater than your supply of art pieces.
Glorious riches.
Spiral index cards that you are memorizing
of My word that is like fire and like a hammer
to demolish road blocks ~ strongholds in your life.
Glorious riches.

A walk outside with your camera.
Glorious riches.
A healthy family.
Glorious riches.
Children who seek and love Jesus.
Glorious riches.

Safety, warmth, food.
Glorious riches.
A hard-working, fun-loving husband.
Glorious riches.
Peanut butter.
Glorious riches.

Stick people drawings with sunshine over their heads.
Glorious riches.
Kutless singing Give Us Clean Hands on your mp3 player.
Glorious riches.

The dishwasher is working.
Glorious riches.
A bouquet of authentic friendships.
Glorious riches.

Glorious riches.

God will meet all your needs
according to His glorious riches
in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

I asked a friend for prayer this week
about my looming fear of having to work
at a job I hate
while someone else enjoys
the delightful days of Erin's growth and youth.

Ideas for writing, teaching and art are springing into my mind.

I listened to Beth Moore teach on
praying God's word.
The weapons of our warfare are mighty
in God for demolishing strongholds
and any high thing that exhalts itself above God.
She taught of putting His word above the
strongholds until they topple over
and are demolished.
His word like fire and a hammer to destroy even rocks.
~Jeremiah 23:29~

The Word that He gave me was
"I will meet all your needs according to
My glorious riches
in Christ Jesus."
It is toppling over my stronghold of fear.
My friend replied back in an email
that sometimes the enemy makes our fear
seem like the only viable option.
But it is not.

Glorious Riches.

This is what is happening in my heart
and the photos are
in my studio this week.
Check out the other Studios here:  Studio JRU.
sneak peek

copyright 2011 Jodene Shaw.


  1. Oh Jodene, that post so touched my heart...I needed that reminder! Thanks so much for sharing, Blessings from His glorious riches! xo

    Over from Studio JRU

  2. dear jodene,
    a great post. you have come so, so far just in the short time i've known you from krr's class. these are good struggles to have. listen to your heart. you are redeemed! my prayer is always, 'God please make a way, where there is no way.' i pray the answers will come for you and that you will have the courage—from knowing you are loved—to step out and risk all that He is calling you to. hugs, jan

  3. So beautiful! I pray that the Lord hears the cry of your heart and opens or closes whatever doors He chooses to keep you in His perfect will! Blessings!

  4. "I will meet all your needs"... I am so happy to hear these words are toppling over that fear. Glorious Riches. Beautiful! I love your photos... and the bird... so precious! ♥

  5. There are a lot of glorious riches around us. I can understand your fear about working at a job you hate. I've been there.

  6. I love His words to you...Glorious Riches. His hands are soooooooo full of them! I know he hears your heart's cry and I am praying as Anita, that He opens and closes the doors of His choosing.

    Blessings friend,

  7. "What would you say to me Lord?"
    I love this and speak more often "What do you want me to see?" I love that we can participate in His creative love~

    I love this sweet blog~ so grateful for His glorious riches I was reminded of here tonight.
    Especially Jeremiah~ so good!

  8. Thank yoU for sharN, whats in your heart ... for many need to hear this again and again and I too am one ... so often HE puts us in places ... so many more might see ... HIS work in us ... lately I've been thrust into the court system for this and that ... but I am reminded ... each time, I'm somewhere testifying under Oath ... that others need to see the evidence of HIS work in me ... for HE has supplied and will continue to supply every need for this bird and her nest ... it's all the same to HIM ...

  9. He truly will provide all of your needs! When we moved away from the ranch-that was His message to me. He is my provider of everything I need from finances to wisdom to relationships to healing. God is all we need. May God provide all you need Jodi according to His riches in glory in His timing and His way.

  10. B E A U T I F U L post!! Glorious riches indeed. I love your "glorious riches" list.

    "I will meet all of your needs". That gentle reminder that I always need to hear. This post really, really, speaks to me. Thank-you Jodene for your thoughtful words and sharing of your heart.


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