Friday, February 4, 2011

Backgrounds With a Growing Big Girl

In the studio this week . . .
sneak peek
I finished preparing and editing a Bible study
for an upcoming women's retreat.

Lots of working with words.

And I have lots of backgrounds prepared
to play with
on little pieces

that help me be brave to try new things
for the big pieces.

Which always inspires
my "growing big" girl
{because she's "not little"}
to try some background

experimenting of her own . . .
with my pastels.
Fearless, she is.
Bold and enthusiastic.
"Look what I did!  Isn't it beautiful?!"

She inspires me
with fearlessness
excitement to show-and-tell.

She draws stick figure smiley-faces of me
with square-scribbled hair
and a sunshine over my head
that looks like a flower.

I love it.

If I am writing, she wants to write.
She is learning her letters.

If I paint, she wants to paint.
She knows her colors.

We teach each other.
So much.

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My e-course Believe Truth
an online Bible study
begins Monday February 7.
Info is here ~ Believe Truth
Sneak Peek Lesson is Here:  Introduction to Believe Truth

Have a lovely weekend.
Love & grace,


  1. I just love your post~ so sweet your "growing big girl". Can't wait to see what your backgrounds will become- they are quite beautiful!

  2. Wow ... look at you grow ... look at us grow ... awesome post and I love the new header!

  3. That's wonderful! It's great that you have someone wanting to join you...I've had mine doing the same.

    Looking forward to the Bible study...God bless!

  4. Beautiful background pieces. I love that "big girl" is right there with you teaching you that childlike freedom we use to have as kids. Precious.

  5. I love the warm colors - smart to do a bunch of backgrounds at once! And how fun that you have a little sidekick who likes to do art along with you. :o) Stopping by from Studio JRU.

  6. Hi there Jodene! I do love the bird and the butterfly backgrounds, too! I love when Angel sits down to create because I am...over our icy blast here in Texas, she came to me and asked for a needled and thread, sewed at my machine a few minutes (after asking for a big piece of material) and then showed me her very own stuffed animal she had created - no pattern, just out of her head! She is always amazing me that way!

  7. So, so pretty! These backgrounds are gorgeous. How special to be creating together and learning from one another. Her work IS beautiful! ♥

  8. Your post, as always is lovely. My daughter is the same. She has always loved doing what I'm doing and she is soooo talented! I am gonna post some of her work on Monday:)

    Enjoy your E-course. It sounds amazing. It truly is something I want to do soon. Right now focusing on finishing up SR then tackling my own 31 Days Challenge in March!!

    Grace to you this weekend.


  9. Hi Jodi! Lovely new work you have there. The colors are great. I think you are on to something big! :-)

  10. I wish you all the satisfaction and peace that comes with living an authenic life. You are truly speading some beautiful wings.
    Blessings, Jill


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