Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ospery On Snake River

Give me a camera
and I'm content.

A camera while I'm surrounded by birds . . .
well, it's going to be a challenge
to remove me from the situation!

Last month,
we were in Grand Teton National Park.

Ducks, geese, eagles, ospery.
Nests everywhere.

Husband and son fish on the Snake River.
My two girls and I camp on the side.
Girls with a little fish net for minnows.
Me with a camera.

Ducks & "adolescent" ducklings
floating 3 feet in front of me.
I had the camera on wrong setting
so I scrambled for a few shots.

Ospery swooping over the river.
I told my girls to keep an eye on him
because he was looking for fish to eat.

After an hour of them catching minnows,
me telling Erin to stay on the edge,
while I constantly was "bear aware" ~ looking over my shoulders,
here is what we saw . . .
{the photo quality is not great, but the experience was AMAZING}.

After the ospery patiently waited for the perfect timing
caught his fish and flew off,
a  young eagle swooped by and bullied him
into dropping his fish.
And then he went back to his tree to start all over again.

Me, being the "bird-nerd" that I am,
was out-of-my-skin excited to see something like that!

I decided I need some lessons though
on bird photography . . . or perhaps some new equipment!

{All photos owned and copyright 2011 Jodene Shaw.}
*If you'd like to share, please ask!
*Thanks for your kindness here!


  1. awesome set of pics. I specially loved first one..stunning. following you.

  2. Amazing photos! I always say, "It's a good day when I see a hawk." What a day to see this glorious bird!


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