Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Medicine Wheel

When I was a girl,
my parents loaded my brother and me
up in the pickup camper for a trip to Yellowstone.
On our way, Reed & I rode in the camper.
Even if we would fight, they couldn't hear us.
Or at least they pretended they couldn't hear us
banging on the camper window.
{Hmmm . . . the pickup-topper camper is sounding good.}
On one of those trips I remember looking out the camper window
being terrified by a narrow cow-trail-thin road with steep cliffs out the side.
My dad, always interested in native history, was taking us to the Medicine Wheel.
10,000 feet above sea level {and it looked like it}
in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.
So, for nostalgia sake, I wanted to revisit the site and take our own kids.
{They were about as excited as I was at age 9 or 10.}

It appeared they no longer let you drive to the top.
So we set out to walk the *3 mile* round trip.
Last summer we took the *3 mile* Lover's Leap trail in Custer State Park.
Neither seemed *3 mile*.
But perhaps with "little E", now 4 years old,
*3 miles* feels much longer.
{But do I recommend both hikes?  YES!  ABSOLUTELY!}

So even though, we said "yes" to
"how much farther?"
We also said yes to
chipmunks & pikas

marmots and mountain views,

wind and a trail that looked
oddly like the Great Wall of China
that stretched out to the horizon . . .

We said yes to,
"Is that where we are walking to?"

and walking

some more.

Yes to hearing the story

of the Medicine Wheel

 given by a woman with beautiful raven-colored hair
on a wind-swept mountain top.

Yes to "I'm cold."
Because we didn't bring sweatshirts
but decided to go anyway.

Yes to piggy back rides.

And we said yes to spotting a herd of elk . . .

on what looked like a giant's golf course.

And yes to the experience
of watching some yearling calves
up for the adventure
of chasing a herd of elk off their
grassy knoll . . .

Which was a "yes" to something
we had never seen before . . .

Yes to alpine wildflowers

and "yes"
to new
shared memories.

Photos copyright 2011, Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. I love the beautiful state you live in!!! I love these photos and the fact you said YES!!!


  2. What gorgeous views and photos!!! I'll have to get my family there someday. Thanks for sharing. :) ♥ Jodi

  3. Beautiful, beautiful day, Jodi! Thanks for letting us walk with you!


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