Friday, September 30, 2011

Find Beauty In The Mess

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Life never lets us catch up

does it?

Especially "balancing"

family {wife} [mom] (self)

household {cleaning} [money] (food-cooking-cost-nutruition)

health {weight} [nutrition] (mental)

personal {goals} [business dreams]

spiritual {growth} [quiet time] (worship)

But there is beauty in midst

of it all . . .

It take a conscious effort . . .

. . . does not come natural some --




But it is there . . .

right there . . .

. . . so close . . .

like butterflies

in the



just out my door

in the secret beauty of White Owl Creek,

in a mud puddle on my gravel road,

or in my messy kitchen

smiling through maple syrup and crumbs

on a 4 year old face.

Sneak Peeker, here's my finished "Open the Door" art work
with the doorknobs that I shared a couple weeks ago:
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sneak peek


  1. Oh my, I love your art and your words and your photography!

    love these words especially: "or in my messy kitchen
    smiling through maple syrup and crumbs
    on a 4 year old face."

  2. Yes, finding "Beauty in the 'Mess'" can be a learned art form! I think my favorite photograph is the leaves in the water, under the fallen tree and with the tree reflection in the water...

    Nice to see what you are creating lately...

  3. Yes we just need to open our eyes to see beauty wherever we are! Happy weekend! Patsy from

  4. Finding beauty in the mess is my favorite subject, so it's not wonder that I was captivated by your art, words and photos today! I like the slow and easy way your story unfolded and drew me in to keep scrolling down.

    "Like butterflies in the mud"--what a beautiful and profound phrase!

  5. incredible. Beautiful beautiful messes indeed.

  6. Beautiful and so true. There truly is beauty in the mess. I love the leave photos. The changing colors are so beautiful! :) Such a gorgeous art piece Jodi. Love it!

  7. It's such a sweet reminder, to see the beauty in the mess. And there is so much mess in a mom's life! Your collage is perfect and photos are stunning! I am inspired, Jodene!


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