Monday, October 11, 2010

Diamond Dew Drops

This morning there was a mist

over the hayfield east of our house.

It was breathtaking.

But then, I was captivated

by the ground silvery-white with dew drops.

Glistening like diamonds

In the sunrise.

It was my own private playground!

I could hardly contain myself.

God knows just what good gifts I love . . .

And gives them freely . . .

Right on the other side of my yard fence.

Richness.  Right here.  Right now.

Reminds me of God's manna from heaven.

Take all you need for today.

Just like manna, you cannot store dew drops.

But He will give a fresh & new supply tomorrow.

I've been waiting all day to share!

I do hope you enjoy.


  1. Oh my these are so gorgeous!! Very captivating and i couldn't stop looking at your gorgeous photos! :) So glad i came by to visit you here. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

  2. Oh my! The flowers with the diamond drops - heavenly! You are SO clever!

  3. Beautiful ... is such a lame thing to say ... so OK, the detail of the vein of the leaf is BEAUTIFUL. the stop action of the mist is well .. beautiful ... shall I go on ...

  4. oh -- what a blessing to see this morning. I love the 7th picture where you captured the sun shining right back at you through the drop of dew. Beautiful -- so glad you shared!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I love misty mornings :)

  6. "Dew you love me?
    Yes I dew!
    And I love your pictures too!"
    Silly poetry inspired by your photos!!
    Love and Prayers! God Bless! BARB

  7. absoulutely stunning photos, jodi...god is so good.
    i am still plugging away with your e-course, it is food to my soul..

  8. WOW!!! Breathtaking photos!! Wow our Lord is amazing!!! BEAUTIFUL photos. love how you captured the light.


  9. Jodi, These are amazing pictures! I sure hope you're feeling better! Looks to me like you have been so busy!! Your e-course is so good, but can't imagine the time it must take! I've been so blessed by it and your sharing!! God Bless! Linda

  10. Finally getting around to catching up on blogs. Your photos are amazing!!! Love the one with the drop about to fall off the piece of grass! Beautiful!


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