Sunday, October 10, 2010

Artistic Mother Project: Week 5 ~ Butterfly Reminder

It has been months since I did an Artistic Mother project!

I have been working away at the

Believe Truth E-Course.

Life has been busy as a mom.

So my "art" has been



Or taking a picture here and there

of our various family activities here on the ranch.

My "reminder" is

Be Authentic.

Which I have been

putting into practice

writing this e-course.


It is still a challenge sometimes.

{another sigh}

But always more freedom.

In being the real me.

This was my Sneak Peek into my "studio"
a.k.a. dining room table
on Sunday...even though it was supposed to be Friday!
Check out the other studios~artists~writers over at Studio JRU!
Some of my favorite blogs are there!  You will be pleased you did!
P.S.  Is anyone else having a challenge with this new blogger photo uploader?
I find that if I don't upload all my photos at once, I have to re-upload them!.  Then I cannot seem to get them in the order that I want.  Unless I upload one photo at a time.  And so therefore, the photos in this post are not in the order that I would like . . . just wondering . . .


  1. this is just gorgeous Jodene...ife as a mum is always a busy one...gotta love it tho!!!

  2. beautiful...absolutely beautiful.

  3. Wow! This is beautiful. You are really talented. I want to make one of these now too. What a gift for your whole family!

  4. Laura Deuter HeadrickOctober 10, 2010 at 7:36 PM

    Amazing. Simply amazing ...

  5. Beautiful post and beautiful creation by a beautiful lady. ♥

  6. Your butterfly reminder is breathtaking. Love the colors, doodles, or stamps, and the photos you chose.

  7. Beautiful! Love these colors. I'm supposed to be working on this one but I'm intimidated by the drilling:)

  8. this sooooo much. You are my inspiration for getting back at this book. I haven't forgotten it...just doing other things {like writing!}

    I am not a fan of the new Blogger photo thingy at all. Why did they go and change it?

    Can't wait to hear how you're Ecourse went!


  9. This is fab! especially your unique color combo. your craft table looks just like mine!

  10. I love this! Thank you for writing the very first line! Sometimes I start to feel so "behind" that I feel I shouldn't even start, but when you said it has been months since you did Artistic Mother, it reminded me, that's Okay, you can start from anywhere, anytime. Love this butterfly piece!

  11. you are such an inspiration n TRUTH ...

  12. this is so beautiful!! I love all the colors and layers and depth. beautiful!


  13. Jodi this piece is SO beautiful! And it looked fun to make... with all your creative goodies laying around you. Beautiful creation! Of course your writing is ART... special art!! :) Blogger... yuk... not lovin' the new set up at all. I stayed with the 'old' one as long as possible. I always have trouble moving the photos around. I think the photos even look different some of the time... maybe something with the sizing. Dislike! Makes me seriously think about moving.

  14. I love that, especially the beads you used to hang it. They make it all come together.


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