Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pure Heart

are the
pure in heart
for they
Matthew 5:8

This one turns 6 years old tomorrow.

She is a pure heart.
An honest one.

{Unless it comes to telling whether or not she has brushed her teeth.}

she's a "no bologna" kind of girl.

Sometimes it's stressful.

But mostly, what is most important,
is that she is all-out, wholehearted.
In her "yes".
In her "no".

In her belief.

And this time,
she wanted God to have this drawing she made.
She thought perhaps she could keep it until she died someday
and she could take it with her.
But then it would stay in the casket,
so that wouldn't work.

She decided He should come get it.

The next day, it was still here.

WHY won't He come get it, Mom???

My answer, 
I don't know.

What should we DO, Mom?

My answer,
Let's take it to church and we'll ask some people.

Yes!  Let's have a MEETING about it.
she says.

So the next day,
we went to church.
She sat beside my friend
and told her about it.
We had a Bible school meeting,
so we prayed about it.

And my friend says,
What about helium balloons?

She embraced the idea.

So here we are sending the picture
off to God.

She ran after.

We watched it head west for a while.

And then it went



Do you think an angel got it and took it to Him?

I don't know, honey.

Do you think He is looking at it?

I know He sees it.
And He sees

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  1. You are a wise momma. She is an amazing spirit. Such an incredible memory for you all. Unless we become......thank you for documenting and sharing this very intimate moment with us.


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