Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't they know? Don't they believe?


Can I say I'm so glad she still has wings?

A few ladies in church call her

"our little butterfly".

Riding in the car this morning,
her birthday dolls have their hands up,
she is singing with them
as we are listening to Chris Tomlin sing
our God is greater
our God is stronger
God, You are higher than any other 


and if our God is for us
then who could
ever stop us?

She stops and asks . . . 

"Mom, how come in the movies they don't talk about God?
Don't they know about Him?
Don't they believe in Him?"

Another deep breath moment for me.

And my standard answer it seems lately . . . 
"I'm not sure.  I don't know."

She says, holding up Merida,
"Like this movie."

I say,
"Yes, you're right."

Then she says,
"Well, she's learning about Him now.  I'll teach her."





Yesterday she came home from school
and it was,
"The worst birthday of my life..."

Somebody had upset her on the playground.
So I listen, 
because her hurt deserves listening.
Then I tell her not to focus on just the bad things
and declare it to be the worst birthday of her life,
but to think about the good things that happened.

Because that's like throwing away all the good stuff
and keeping the bad stuff.

"That's what Mrs. D. said," she told me.

I'm so glad that Mrs. D. and I think along the same lines.
We make a great team!

There have been plenty of bad stuff moments in the last couple days,
but this moment,
this one right here of E teaching Merida about God,
I'm going to hang on to that one moment
and let go of the others
{the whining, yelling, fighting, bickering}.

That's the one moment I'm going to keep.
that moment matters.

And I'm going to share it.

For your hearts too.

By the way, for those of you that have followed
my birthday cake
fiascos . . . 
this one turned out pretty good.
Maybe I am learning a lesson.
Must be watching all those Pioneer Woman episodes!


  1. This is such a great post Jodi!! Erin sounds like such a beautiful, spirited little girl!! Such great life lesson advise given by you and Mrs. D. It's not always easy to look for the good when the bad is staring you in the face. Reminds me of the lyrics "...sometimes you've got to look through the clouds to find your silver lining...". Great lesson, great memory, and hopefully a great birthday!

  2. Inspiring! So glad you shared, the moments we hang onto make all the difference in life! Happy B-Day to your butterfly she's a beauty inside and out :-)


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