Sunday, April 1, 2012

Out On A Limb

An idea.
A hope.
Is growing within me.

I watch the news tonight.
On 60 minutes, the end of the space program is featured.
One of the most inspirational programs ever.
Is over.
And then the report of the national gasoline average.
And my inspiration is evaporated.

Such a hopeless report.
My heart is heavy.

And I come back to these photos
that I took yesterday morning
on my walk.

Just yesterday morning,
so inspired.
So filled with awe and wonder and just

Is the answer ignorance of the news reports?
Of the pain of others?
Of the reality of fuel costs which increases groceries, and on and on . . .

I don't know.
I don't know the future.
I don't know what will happen with this idea
that I am so hopeful for,
that I am excited to share,
yet fearful.

But as I look at these photos from nature,
I am reminded

that the birds that built these nests
have no idea what the gas prices are.

They do not know who will win the next presidential election.

They are not worried about not going to space,
even if I am sad to see it end.
Even if many are forced into an unwanted transition.

They are not worried about too much high fructose corn syrup in their diet.

Or how they will look in a pair of shorts this summer.

It does not mean that they are not affected by their environment.
They are.
Today was over 90 degrees on April 1st in South Dakota.
Other years, their nest are hanging on in 75 mile an hour winds
of a white-blinding blizzard.

But they do what they were made to do

They take shelter in the storms.
They seek water in the heat.
They dig deeper for food when it is dry.

They keep going.
Because it was what they were made to do.
They keep singing.
They keep building nests.
They keep tapping away at the trees and posts for bugs.
They keep flying.

During an April blizzard, I watched a meadowlark
sing on my fence post right into the wind.
I could hear him through my windows.
And I thought to myself,

That little bird is not going to let this get him down.

Defy the odds.
Defy the storm.

Sing into it.
Sing your song right in the face of drought and blizzard.

Fluff up your feathers
and sing above the blizzard storm winds
or the dusty cloud of drought.


Might be freezing.
Might be drying up.

But we can keep
walking by faith,
praying for rain,
praying for sun,
toughing it out.

Keep on.
Hanging on for the next season.

Doing what you can do today.

Spring reminds me
that there is a time to die
and a time to be born.
Seasons change.

Sometimes new things only come
after a difficult storm.


Some things have a season,
and it when that time is over,
it's ok for a new thing to come.
It is ok to mourn that which is over.
Some good things come to an end.

Some new things will never happen
until there is a
new need,
a new headache,
or a new heartache.

Spring is such a reminder
of the promise
of new.
and of renewed.


A season of hope.
For the future.
For new things to come.

Genesis 8:22
"While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Winter and summer,
And day and night
Shall not cease."

All photographs copyright 2012 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. THANKS, Jodi!!! ~Kristin S.

  2. That was a very good post! Love birds and the Robin picture I loved the best, love Robins!
    Blessings, friend...have a special holy week!
    Love, Rayanne

  3. I always read every word you write, Jodi. So very beautiful. I know when I read your words and see the images you have captured I am seeing inside your heart.

    Just gorgeous.


  4. Beautiful post. I love the pictures, and the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come through your words. :)


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