Friday, April 6, 2012

Become Fascinated With the Ordinary

Life lessons from Erin.

Last week,
Erin was ecstatic!




The dandelions are here!


She was so excited that she grabbed
two mismatched
flip-flops for her feet.

What a lesson

Jesus said,
"Let the little children come to Me,
and do not forbid them;
for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
{Matthew 19:14}

He keeps teaching me simplicity and joy
through the heart and mind and hands
of a little girl
with a fist full of dandelions.

The Lord keeps teaching me
that He came

that they may have life,
and that they may have it more abundantly
{John 10:10}

through simple little things like this.

A fist full of dandelions



Have a Happy Easter.
Enjoy a time of remembrance today:  Good Friday.
And celebrate His resurrection
and the
beautiful newness
He has given
and will continue
to give and create


Last year's Easter Post here with my mudpie making girl:  Gotta Love Her
Communion with Erin was a challenge in 2011.
This year, she is excited.
She said,
"Yay!  Communion!"
My adult mind thinks, "Yay? Excitement? Should I teach her reverence?"
And I say,
"What do we remember when we have communion?"
She says, "Jesus."
Yes. Jesus.
She is five. She is excited.
Should I let her express her genuine 5-year-old feelings?
Or teach her false reverence that she doesn't understand?
She will learn the true reverence
on her
I believe
as she gets bruised and banged up by this world.
So, today,
I am glad she is excited for communion.
Does she understand it all?
Hmmmm . . . .
Excitement for dandelions?
Let the little children come to me
for such is the kingdom of heaven . . .
I think in some ways
her childlike faith
understands much more of the kingdom of heaven
than my adult mind that
has been wounded and wearied by this world
and has to be
of His kingdom.

I teach her about Jesus.
And she teaches me about Him too.


I found this little hymn in my great-grandma's hymnal:
Little Sunbeams
I think God gives the children, as through the land they go,
The most delightful mission, That anyone can know;
He wants us to be sunbeams of love and hope and cheer,
To brighten up the shadows that often gather here.

O we are little sunbeams, sent down from God to man;
In all life's shady places we shine as best we can.

The clouds may hide the sunshine of heaven from our sight,
And life have much of sorrow to mar the heart's delight
But if like faithful sunbeams we children do our part,
we'll bring a ray of brightness to ev'ry shadowed heart.

O we are little sunbeams, sent down from God to man;
In all life's shady places we shine as best we can.

Then let us live our mission of sunbeams day by day,
And scatter joy and brightness about us all the way;
Let's chase away life's shadows with loving thought and deed,
And be the sunshine makers of which the world has need.

O we are little sunbeams, sent down from God to man;
In all life's shady places we shine as best we can.

copyright 1902 by E.O. Excell.

Photos and art copyright 2012 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. A beautiful post! I don't think I will look at dandilions quite the same again either. She is so cute!
    Have a Blessed Easter!

  2. Beautiful post Jodi! I love how you are teaching one another about Jesus! I have many dandelions that I would gladly share with your sweet Erin! :) Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. After writing this post, my little "sunbeam" launched into some naughtiness with her siblings. Let me be clear, it's not all sweet innocence and sunbeams around here! We went through the Resurrection Eggs so IMPERFECTLY before going to Good Friday services. Messy. Wading through selfishness and hurt feelings. With glimpses of sweetness. Doing my best to teach respect, love, honor. Feeling like I fail. Praying that my kids will love each other, even like one another. Motherhood is the hardest thing I've ever done. Being a mama and sharing the love of Jesus is a complete walk, and falling down, and getting back up again, and run, and take a nap, journey of faith. Before we drank the cup, the pastor said that the disciples did not completely understand what it meant.

    Yet, they drank to honor and remember Jesus and begin the tradition of remembering his sacrifice. Erin doesn't understand completely and neither do I. But we do it to remember Him.

    We do our best to think about the sunbeams...the true, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, the midst of life's challenges, pain, annoyances, struggles. We have a good life right now. And a wonderful Savior.


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