Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Adventures on the Prairie

The pasque flowers must be blooming in the Black Hills.
I'm seeing photos of them on facebook.
So they are probably blooming on the north side of Mom & Dad's hill.
I've never seen them on the prairie,
but then, I've never looked before.
The pasque flower is South Dakota's state flower.
I have memories of home picking fists full on that north slope.

Erin and I went out hunting on the prairie.
We didn't find any pasque flowers but this is what we did find.

One hour on the prairie.

Horned larks.

Canada Geese.

Last year's grass and weeds and wildflowers.

Erin whined most of the drive.
That she was bored and hungry and tired.

But then we got out of the car.

And she discovered a great place



The exploring began.

Little treasures in the ground.

Trails for the taking.

Geese and ducks and red-winged blackbirds to spy on.

Coyote tracks?
Or has one of the dogs been here?

A deep breath, before saying,

"Mom, I've never seen geese so close!"


Discovering a wonderful place
for hide-and-seek.

"Mom, you count.  I'll hide."

Popping out of the cliffs
like a little prairie dog.

And thinking she is quite
sneaky . . .

My whiner did not want to go home.

In fact, she decided,

"This is a great place for an Easter egg hunt."

"I'm so creative.  I thought of that idea all by myself."

No pasque flowers.

But loads of fun.

Reminding myself not to miss the treasure that is there
when what you hope to find is not there.

One hour of abundance.

"I had a great time with you, Mom."

"Me too, Erin.  That was fun."


All photos copyright 2012 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.

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