Friday, March 16, 2012

Waves of Nostalgia

This week a package arrived in the mail
from Homer, Alaska,
from my Aunt Janet.

Aren't packages and handwritten
notes that come in the mail
still such a thrill?
I'd much rather have a package or letter
that is handwritten
than any e-correspondence.

I knew this would be special.
Things that come from Aunt Janet
are especially meaningful
because they usually belonged to my Grandma Marj.
This week was no exception.
Three precious little collections were wrapped at the top:
cake/jello molds that I remember sweet treats,
bird figurines that remind me of our connection through birdwatching,
Christmas cookie cutters I remember playing with,
tracing on paper and decorating with crayons,
and then in the bottom of the box . . .

My Grandma's sketches and watercolors
dated 1938,
from her Applied Art class.

Just last week,
some of her drawings had come to mind
and I wondered where they ended up.

This is so meaningful to me
at this time in my life...
the month of my one year anniversary
of being in business as an artist.
Perhaps more meaningful
than it would have been any other time.

I will be looking for the perfect frames

for my future studio/study/office
sneak peek

and maybe
my kitchen too.

There is something sacred
about things created by the
hands of a loved one.
Especially after they are gone.

because of the
the love,
the life,
that was here,
that was shared.

I held her hand,
that sketched and painted, 
when she slipped away from my life.
But sweet memories will always be with me.


  1. Lucky you. Isn't it funny what you remember from childhood - like outlining those cookie cutters and coloring them. Those are the type of memories to be cherished.

    Your grandmother's drawing are awesome! I can see where you got some of your talent. How wonderful that they have found their way to you!


  2. These are priceless. How wonderful!

  3. What a blessing!!!! Your grandmother really had talent. its so neat that you have that in your heritage. (smile)I love the birds- chickadees and cardinals are my faves. Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh my, what precious treasures! This is so touching: "I held her hand, that sketched and painted, when she slipped away from my life."

    My mom cross-stitched, and I think of this sometimes too, when I look at the few pieces of her work that I have: that her creations are proof that she lived, that her hands touched them, poured over them with time and effort and love. It's amazing, the way a piece of art can contain so much of someone's heart.

  5. really like the one with the 5 colored vases/bowls. The colors and shapes are lovely.

  6. Oh how beautiful Jodi! What an amazing treasure and such a special gift to be able to have these to put in your home. They are beautiful and meaningful! So happy you have them!

  7. Your grandmother was very talented! You are lucky to have such precious things to keep her memory alive in your heart. ♥

  8. This is just so beautiful, Jodi. such a treasured gift. Months before my father died he painted his first piece. It hangs in my living room. Means so much to me!!

  9. What a wonderful package!! I just LOVE seeing or getting pieces from my past or that of my grandparents. So meaningful. I can see where you get your creative talent!! :) Oh, and those red cookie cutters brought back some memories - I had those too!

  10. One of my favorite songs is Amy Grant's, 'Heirlooms'. This post brings it to mind. Lucky, Lucky you. And now we know where you inherited your impeccable eye. Such a treasure.


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