Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brave Looks Different To All of Us



It looks different for all of us.

This week I was remembering almost 5 years ago
with Sydney at swimming lessons.

When the week was finished, I was SO PROUD of her.

I decided to share something I wrote that week.

Celebrate the victories along the way.
You can't swim the length of the pool if you can't put your face in the water.
The goal may be to swim the length of the pool,
but we must first face the fears,
and then learn the skill of putting our face in the water.
That skill is first,
and mostly involves facing and conquering fear.

Once that fear is faced
with bravery, conquered,
and a new skill is learned,
it deserves celebration!

For the one that has conquered the fear,
and learned a new skill,
it is just as worthy of celebration
as winning a race across the pool.

And the best way to get over the fear,
is to get in.
Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.
It's ok to take it a step at a time.
Get immersed in the water.
Dip a toe, a leg, a body, a face, into the water.
And celebrate!
One brave, courageous step at a time.

 Putting your face in the water
is not unlike the first fear to face
and skill to learn
towards any accomplishment, journey, or goal.

Once the fear is conquered
and the new way is learned,
there is joy and freedom in the swimming,
joy and freedom in the process,
joy and freedom in the living.

Sydney was scared of the water in 2007.
Scared to put her face in.
In 2012, she is a fearless fish!

We each have a journey.
We each have unique fears to conquer.
Bravery looks different for each of us.
And so does our victory.


  1. This is EXACTLY where I am right now in my life! I am fearlessly putting my face in the water with this e-course!!! Love your writing and your art and your heart, Jodi!!!

  2. Love the analogy, and hurrah for your daughter! That essay will be such a treasure for her.

  3. Oh Jodi... what a beautiful post! Your children are gorgeous~ they shine just like their mama! Just love the comparison to our e-course. Yes, we are all being brave and I love how it's looking on each and every one of us!

  4. OMG so I am inspired to read some blogs. Jodi, you are amazing and your children adorable!


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