Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shabbiness Doesn't Matter

Sunflowers are a love of mine.

You'll see them all over

in my photographs

and art.

Of course,

my little sass-a-frass here

is another love.

So great light + spontanaeity = sunflower shots.

One of my favorite quotes

is from

The Velveteen Rabbit:

. . . when you are Real, shabbiness doesn't matter . . .

I so agree.

Be Real

is one of my encouragements

to others

and to myself.

Because I am so imperfect.

And I so despise bull.

I hate putting on a mask of fakeness.

I have done it.

And it just ate away at my heart.

So we are just all about

shabbiness and realness here.

So Erin didn't have her hair brushed

yet for the day.

And her shirt wasn't ironed.

And her fingernail polish was chipped.

And the sunflowers weren't perfect either.

And her toenails weren't polished either.

And I couldn't get a real smile out of her.

And the mosquitoes kept biting so she had to itch her legs.

But it was real.

And shabby.

And it was still overflowing



I'm so stinking excited about all of the
"likes" I'm getting on my new facebook page
for Jodene Shaw, Mixed Media Art & Photography.
I'd love for you to check it out.
I have not figured out yet how to put the "like" button here on my blog.
But I am working on it.
In the meantime, just type me into the search on facebook,
and I'll come up.
Thanks everyone for the PARTY of encouragement, my friends!

Finding Heaven
Such a great group of inspiring women
who love Jesus!


  1. I'll take real and shabby over fake anyday! Your girl is adorable! I am off to check out your facebook page. My daughter helped me with one last week and I haven't figured out the button for my blog either-lol! Let me know if you figure it out:)

  2. I am in love with this post. She is divine.

    The whole idea of realness - is *aliveness* in the worlds eyes. And it is contagious!!!

    You are pure joy!

  3. Jodi, this is such a beautiful post. Your words - so perfect for imperfection. The photos go straight to my heart, your little Erin is a doll. Let me tell you - I live shabbiness every day: I don't iron and I don't wear make-up. There.

  4. Laura Deuter HeadrickAugust 9, 2011 at 8:06 PM

    Awesome, Jodi ... I love your honesty and simplicity.

  5. I live by real, even when the shabbiness shines through, except when it comes to my house, though. My perfectionistic tendencies still get the better of me there. I love your realness, though, Jodi. Your beauty always shines through. Heading to FB to like you!

  6. "But it was real.
    And shabby.
    And it was still overflowing
    Indeed it was and is....real beauty. It doesn't get much better than that! :)


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