Monday, August 1, 2011

Beautiful Day

What is all this day about?

Whispers & callings in my heart
stirring, urging me on a new path . . .

Praying, journaling, asking,
Really, God, is this You
or am I just making this up?

Identification of belief ~ my beliefs
of what is important
and how I want to live.
Asking the question:  what am I believing?
Asking this question: how do I want to teach my children to live?

Play it safe? Or risk following what's in your heart?
Do what you think will please others and impress?
Or do what you really care about and believe in?

Seek what the world says you need/want?
Or love and live right where you are?
Wish to be someplace else, some other time, someone different. and have something else?
Or find beauty right where you are and enjoy what you have?

Try to not to disappoint anyone?
Or realize that we all disappoint someone sometime?

Stay on the same path,
or follow the one that is true to your heart?

Worry that you might fail, so you might as well not try?
Or have faith that trying you may fall
but that learning is a process,
and God's grace is the hand that will catch you
and set you back on your feet again?

Think your too old or it's too late to start something new?
Or believe it's never too late to be what you might have been? (George Eliot)

Stand still because the journey is so big?
Or start by taking one step today?

Wish you would have done this or that?
Or start taking steps, even small ones, toward it today?

The journey to this
new beginning
has been full of hours of fitful sleep,
choices to stay on one path or follow another,
hard choices, facing who I want to be, choosing not to hide that person,
risking vulnerability,
putting my heart out there in writing, speaking, teaching, photography, and art
and weaving all of those things together.
Believing God is with me,
really doing a work in me.
Choosing to believe God over the doubt
and sneaking whispers of fear and discouragement...
This has been a journey
of facing fears,
of fighting gremlin-like voices in my head
that discourage and diminish who I am
and what I have to offer,
as well as battling the prideful heart that desires
to prove my worth, my validity, my security.
Life is facing all that.
It is taking a look at all the things
that hold me back
with faith that the God who made me
did so with purpose and intention.
It is trusting that He takes the hurt parts, the broken parts,
the places where He shattered pride and arrogance,
made me humble,
and puts them back together and redeems them,
for a purpose with a passion for Him
and sharing all of that . . .
so that others would seek Him, find Him, and follow the unique purposeful passion
that He puts in their hearts.

That's what all this is about.
Listening so closely for the heart of God.
Finding His voice.
Following it.
Being who He made me to be.
Because in really searching and seeking for Him,
I find who I am, and I discover all these other wonderful blessings
that are right here in my hands, my heart, my life.
So, so grateful for this family, these friends,
that came to support and celebrate
this opportunity to share a beautiful day
of stepping out in faith and not letting fear rule.
Especially grateful to my husband Jim
celebrating 15 years of marriage,
of saying "yes" to him here at Chute Roosters in Hill City,
16 years ago,
that he has loved me through all of my
ups and downs, questions, wondering, fear/faith battles,
falling flat on my face in failures, getting back up again, and
being here for a great day like this one.

Thanks to Lori and the staff at the
for giving me the opportunity to share my art.
I'm honored and grateful.

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Sneak Peek Friends, this post was on Monday,
but thought I'd share here as a celebration with YOU
for the STUDIO work I've been doing and sharing with YOU.
My Friday post is HERE:  There is a season.
It features my photos of the beauty of the prairie where I live,
which is also what I've been up to "in my studio" this week and month!


  1. Hi Jodene. What a beautiful post! Thank you for this. And congrats on both 15 years of marriage, and on showing in the gallery.


  2. Love this post. You are wonderful. So happy to see you FLYING!:)

    I thought of you today. I created for awhile and am making some pieces that you inspired me to do. I will share them very soon on my blog.

    Love to you!!!!

  3. Listening closely for the heart of God, finding His voice and following it. . .it's the only way to live! :)

    Glad I came by from Jen's place, I enjoyed being here.

  4. I love how you so eloquently pour out your heart -- the struggles, the joys, the questions. So glad you stepped out and allowed God to use you in such a beautiful and wonderful way. So glad I know you and can continue to watch the process unfold.

  5. "Listening so closely for the heart of God.
    Finding His voice.
    Following it.
    Being who He made me to be." do this each moment of the day...may GOD bless you as you follow Him in this new adventure.

  6. Great and important questions.



  7. So beautifully worded! Thanks for sharing this are truly encouraging others to "find who He made them to be"...

  8. Beautiful, beautiful words... you are on a wonderful path that is a light to me and everyone around you! Much happiness to you,as you celebrate your art opening and anniversary!

  9. That's so awesome that you are stepping out in your dreams! I love how God meets us as we step out and pursue what He's put in our hearts.

  10. Jodi... this is beyond wonderful! I am so happy for you. What a fantastic event. Everything looks beautiful. I love hearing and seeing your journey. So, so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your precious heart! ♥

  11. I love this, Jodene, and these words could have been mine :) Thank you for living your faith brave - and sharing with all of us. Hearing your story (struggles & triumphs) helps me to be who God calls me to be. So excited to see where He is leading you, friend!

  12. I know why we are friends. I am on the same divine path, we all are (those of us brave enough to step out this far!).

    This is so perfect. It showcases your great talent and your tender heart. You are a sweetheart and it shows in everything you do. Brilliantly alive in God's light.

    Hugs and congrats on your steps and leaps into this wonderfully creative adventure!!!


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