Friday, August 12, 2011

In The Studio ~ New Supplies!

My art "stash"

of supplies has grown recently

sneak peek
So here's my sneak peek!

A mini-type-set was
A flea market find
for $12.

But my favorites
are from my community.


My husband and his friends
grew up with her
as the volunteer librarian,
Bible Club teacher,
and she also gave music lessons.

Although I am loving my Tim Holtz Distress Ink & Crackle Paint
and my heavy body Liquitex acrylics
and the new Stampin' Up Craft Spots,

they cannot compare
to Irma's postage stamps
and US History pictures cut out and filed.
The buttons, paper doilies, and applique designs,

the vintage wallpaper book
from Lushbough's in Sturgis,
I'm guessing early 70's . . .

and kids craft and school books.

I also have a box
of patterns that belonged
to Jeanette B.
my dear friend Neoma's mom
who passed away earlier this year.

And neighbor Ann B.
brought me some finds from a recent auction.

So much meaning and heart
is added to art
that is created with items
that have been held by the hands
of people known and loved.

I have my new art supplies.
But what I really love
is taking things that would otherwise
hide in a box
in an attic
or basement
or maybe even end up
in a fireplace or garbage dump,
and give it a place to shine.

It's kind of like a
taking the

And that is just
Lord Jesus



  1. You and I love the same stuff...the same old, vintage, amazing treasures. These are what I look for everywhere I go. They make my heart pitter patter:)

    Someday I hope we can make an artsy mess face to face.

    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. drooling over your new things. Cant wait to see what you create with it all. Lately been loving the song "beautiful things"by Gungor. This that youve written makes me think of that too......

  3. Oh Jodi, I am seriously battling "covetousness" (LOL)over that mini type set...I have been telling the Lord that I would love for Him to give me a certain item in the vintage typeset genre...I love flea markets and attics and items with a was wonderful to sift through your new stash!

  4. Oh Jodi, what a treasure trove!!! Now I've got a serious itch for a flea market trip. Can't wait to see what beautiful things come out of this!

  5. I love it! It's wonderful that you're re-using...and I can just imagine those things in beautiful art! Thanks for sharing this week. =)

  6. Those are treasures, Jodene! You will have so much transforming them into your art. I wish I could come and have an art playdate with you :)

  7. Making the old, new.
    Transforming... that is what a good life is all about.
    Thank you.

  8. Jodi, this is such a lovely post. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures and reading your accompanying words. What a lovely stash of art things you can incorporate in your work and, as you said, let them shine. Beautiful.

  9. Love it Jodi! Love taking the old and making it new again. Our home is full of pieces like that! :) Looks like you are going to be having lots of fun with all these great supplies!

  10. LOVE your new stash of art supplies. Looks like the same things that make my heart pump a little faster!

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  12. wow friend, what a beautiful playground for your heart to play in.

  13. Such stuff's are famous and favorites among teenage girls and housewife and I am sure of that your post will be a good inspiration for the females.


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