Friday, March 25, 2011

Vote for Black Hills Photo Shootout Shots

Last fall, I attended the
and had a fabulous time!
For all of you photographers,
this year it will be held  September 30 - October 2, 2011
in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.
Part of why I so loved this event
is because I am always seeking the treasures of beauty and meaning
that are right here where I am.
I did not have to travel far from home to attend
this fabulous event and soak in the beauty of my state
and learn and see fascinating history.

The Shootout is currently working with
South Dakota Magazine hoping to have a spread
in an upcoming issue.
Black Hills Photo Shootout
is asking for two of our best shots for consideration in the spread.

After scanning through my photos,
these four are the shots that I am considering for submission.
The first two are from
a session I attended called
Black Hills Closeups in beautiful Spearifish Canyon
well known for fall colors.

The third shot
I took of my photography friend Dede and I
in a motorcylce rearview mirror
at Boondock's south of Deadwood.

And this fourth is of photographer Paul Horsted.
His book Exploring with Custer is at his feet.
He revisted the sites of
the very first photographs ever taken of the Black Hills
and took current photos of the same sites.
These photos and the experience and history
of the 1874 Black Hills Expedition are the basis of the book.
Dede & I had the unique opportunity
of attending Paul's session as he took us to several
of these sites.
It was an amazing experience of seeing history
and how many of the same rocks and tree stumps
are still there 150 years later!

I included two versions of this last shot:
the original and an edited.

I would love if you would vote for TWO shots
in the comment section!

I am so honored to share what is happening
in my studio this week with these ladies
linking up with Jennifer at Studio JRU!
sneak peek

P.S.  I am working hard at getting pictures and descriptions
of some of my art and photography up on my new ETSY site!
I am super excited and cannot wait to announce when it is OPEN!
You can sign up for my newsletter at the very top of my blog
if you would like to receive the announcement
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at which I will be displaying and selling my art and photography.

photos copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.
All photos are property of Jodene Shaw.


  1. I like the flower and the mirror one!

  2. I really love the flower, I have never seen a photo like that one before! It is so unique that I am sure it will be highly considered...the tree leaves are gorgeous, but a little more common. For my second choice it is between the motorcycle mirror one and the edited one of Mr. Horsted. The shot is so cool, with him holding those photos in front of the actual scenery! But, that photo may end up with complications if the magazine doesn't want to advertise him and his book in the issue, so I would go with the motorcycle mirror and....get ready for this idea...I really think you should pray about submitting the photo of Mr. Horsted to the magazine with a proposal to do an article about him and his book for an upcoming issue. Just saying... : )

  3. Gosh, it's so hard to choose. I'm thinking the one with Paul has such an excellent story behind it...would you be able to explain the photo? I think, that would be a good choice. The second, the flower. The drops are so unique. Good luck!

  4. Goodness... they are all so great... hard to pick 2 favorites! I love the story of the shot of Paul. That would be wonderful in a magazine! And the yellow leaves. I think it is just gorgeous! :)

  5. They are all really good....I'd have to go with the flower and the mirror ones, though. Very unique!!

  6. Good morning, Jodene! Just two favorites? I really like the story behind the photo of Paul and the yellow leaves photo is beautiful. Love the criss crossing of the dark branches against those vivid yellow leaves.

  7. My nod goes to the flower and the mirror. Great stuff!

  8. I like the flower and the mirror, also!

  9. I like the leaves and the mirror shots. Beautiful work! :o)

  10. Jodi--The flower picture is my favorite. All of the pictures are great. It was hard to pick a favorite.A. Jean

  11. I vote for #1 and #3. #1 is my favorite!!

  12. I'm a leaf lover from way back- and Fall puts me over the moon! #2 and #3 for me! So excited for you getting your etsy store together too! best!

  13. All of your shots are amazing...and I'm so into nature...I was looking at the droplets on the flower and thinking how amazing they are...then I love I chose both of those shots!

    Your other photos have great elements as do amazing work!

  14. My votes are for #1 and #2. I think they are all great! Good Luck! Susanne B.

  15. I love all 4 but the flower and the mirror require no explanation and are unique to you. I like the poster's suggestion of writing an entire article about Mr. Horsted.

    Congrats on getting the Etsy store up and running ~ wishing you great success ~
    Laura Deuter Headrick


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