Friday, December 3, 2010

What Happened to November??

November 1 was my last blog post.

Today is Friday, December 3.

Here is a peak into my "studio" ~ my life.

1.  A Dream Fulfilled.

My dad turned 70 in August. 

One of my parents wish~dream list events was to take their family
to Disney World.

So we all celebrated Dad's 70 years in the place made for celebration . . .

 Four days of twelve hours of going and seeing and laughing and playing


memory making . . .

One of my favorite moments was right at the beginning:

It was watching my mom with my girls
in the seats right in front of Jim & me,
preparing them with excitement
for their first ride on an airplane.
My mom's excitement was priceless.
And then Erin said, "When does it blast off?"
Thanks Mom & Dad ~ Grandma & Grandpa for a dream fulfilled!

2.  Operation Christmas Child

Our little prairie church prepared and sent

33 shoeboxes packed

with gifts, treats, and the message of hope and life in Jesus Christ
for 33 kids somewhere in this world.
These 3 friends are hoping that 3 friends receive their boxes.

3.  Days with Erin ~ age 3 1/2.
{Need I say more? ~ for this picture says it all.}

4.  Living Proof Live with Beth Moore and tas philas (girlfriends).

 5.  Working cattle, moving cattle . . . ranch life . . .

6.  Creating and selling
my first mixed-media art pieces
at our annual open house
along with my Mary Kay products.

7.  Finishing the writing of Believe Truth ~ my first e-course
. . . an online Bible study
based on
my own personal journey of faith, discovery and belief of truth
about life, about me, about God.

8.  Oh, yeah, and Thanksgiving, kids basketball,
preschool, a handmade Christmas ornament exchange, decorating for Christmas,
cooking, finding occasional times to crash in sleep
. . . and so much more.


This would be what happened to November.
This would be the blogging that did not happen in November.


Life is good.

sneak peek


  1. Oh my, what wonderfulness! I've missed your posts, and have come back several times to that post with the morning fog and all those millions of 'diamond' dew drops! *sigh*

    Anyway, glad to see your absense was one of delightful busy-ness and nothing bad.

    Oh, and I LOVE that you called your life your studio! Love it!


  2. Oops...that comment above was from me. I was signed in under my photoblog and I don't know if you'd have recognized me. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Jodi, what a wonderful post. This totally is worth the few posts for November. So glad you were able to have fun with your dad at Disneyworld for his 70th! I have participated in Operation Shoebox many times. It warms my heart and makes me get emotional. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog today. Looking forward to receiving your ornament!!! :-) Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Oh my goodness... you have been so busy. But busy with so many wonderful things! I think that is so special that your family all went together to Disney World. I hope one day my entire family can go somewhere fun together! I love your bird ornament so much... the Nativity on it is perfect. This year I have truly been blessed with wonderful new friends like you!

  5. Oh!! WHAT a great post and (busy) month! You and your "babies" are beautiful and congrats on presenting your art for sale - that must have been so cool. . . and we did operation Christmas Child too - Kendra loved that one!
    Thank you too for your visit and sweet comments - they mean a lot! Have a great weekend, xoxoxo

  6. First, so wonderful that the whole family went to Disneyland...special memories. Second, I love the picture of all the women #5. Is that your open house or in a barn? fun. And finally, your youngest is so precious. xoxo Your comments mean a lot to me, thanks so much!

  7. so happy to wait for this post ... Congratulations to your entire family on the joy of the journey to dreams.

  8. My, you've been busy. I grew up 45 minutes from Disney World in Cocoa Beach, and was just there last weekend. I'm going again this weekend and hope to get in a walk on the beach before the next cold front arrives. It's been mighty cold here this week. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Disney.


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