Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

It's been a busy Christmas season.
I know.
What a redundant thing to say.

This is my princess in her snowboots
On a trip to the post office
To mail some orders of
Mary Kay and mixed media.

It's been a long week for her.
For me.
She is passing out the test lately
And I feel like I have gotten an "F"
the last three days.
I am thinking I need to read or listen
to a little bit lot of Dr. James Dobson.
{Dare to Discipline}
{Strong Willed Child}

At Living Proof Live with Beth Moore last month,
she said that she could tell the kind of day
it would be with her second daughter
by the way her hair looked when she got up in the morning.
Yep.  That holds true here.
And she's had some bad hair days this week.
Maybe it is time for us both to go to the salon . . .

Love her to death.
And that's what she says to me,
"I just love you to death."
Yes she does.
She's an all out
Live and love to the death
Kind of girl
And I love it.
It drives me crazy.
It drives me wild.
And I am still wildly crazy about her.
Even though my throat hurts from yelling.
Even though I seem to speak no other word than "NO!"
Even though I am having visions of thirteen...arrgggg.

She has been this way from birth.
If it was my idea,
she was against it.
Feeding her had to be her idea
at six days old.
If I touched her head to push her,
she reared back.
She is that way with everything.
She takes a completely different approach
than my other two kids.
And so I will take another approach.
And pray for help and guidance
And forgiveness. . .


  1. Awe...parenting is hard work, thats for sure. I have one that's always testing me and another that's more subtile in their ways. Praying for wisdom for all us Mamas!

  2. Ha, ha. Just got around to reading this. She sounds so much like my Kaelyn. Crazy how often they can push your buttons but then they can melt your heart soon after... well, maybe its when they finally fall asleep. :) I'm praying I can have another, but I wouldn't mind one a little less difficult... yes she was a fighter since day 1, not kidding.
    Beautiful snowy photographs! Have a wonderful Christmas! ♥ Jodi

  3. most of the ones that were easy early on were tougher later, the one that was toughest at the beginning was the easiest as a teen... altogether a beautiful bouquet of life.


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