Monday, July 26, 2010

"Artistic Mother" Vision Board Project

My next project in

The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole

is to make a vision board.

After 15 years of making "goal" posters

this is a familiar activity.

However . . . this feels more authentic than ever before.

Maybe it is because I know my own heart better than ever before.

Maybe it is because I have accepted and embraced myself and desires more than ever before.

But this is requiring me to take a deep breath as I prepare this post.

These are the vision, goals, values, and scripture that are my own.

And it is extremely vulnerable to lay my heart out there for the world to see.

And yet, I believe it is important. 

It is part of being real, being authentic, being courageous.

It is scary to even hang up in my own house.

But I am commited to living authentically for me and for my family.

This last week, I plugged back in to Beth Moore's broadcasts.

And watched "Don't throw away your confidence".

This is a bold, courageous, confident step for me to post.

But here's my heart, my hopes, my dreams, my goals ~


One of Beth's quotes was,

"What would a courageous person do in my situation? 
Be the person. 
Do it."

This is me doing it.



In The Bible, in the book of John, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at a well.
Though they have never met, he knows everything about her.
She recognizes that He is the Messiah and tells everyone she meets
that she met a man who knew everything about her.
Through many experiences, I know that He knows me
better than I know myself.
I hope that as I share my stories of Him knowing me
Others will hear HIM for themselves and believe.
That is my prayer for my family:
that they will hear Him themselves
and believe
with their own faith,
their own hearts,
their own love,
know that He knows them
and know that this Man really is the Savior of the world
and of them individually & uniquely.

Photos & text copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. Jodi...your spiritualness is very inspiring to me. I am a big fan of Beth Moore. I took her Believing God bible study years ago and it changed my life. TRULY changed it.

    I am currently on a spiritual awakening myself and your words, your deep thoughts on the Spirit are truly remarkable to me. I love the peace you radiate from your posts. I imagine you to be a woman filled to the brim with grace and gratitude.

    I am inspired so much by your work and your posts. I support you and your dreams!!!


  2. Yea for being real!

    Yea for being authentic!

    Yea for being courageous!

    This is wonderful Jodi! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and sharing your goals!! Congratulations friend! :)


  3. Love your goals, vision and values. Wonderful to see a woman walking with God and sharing Him with others. Your life is inspiring.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group

  4. I agree with Trudy, it is an inspiration to see you "putting yourself out there" and sharing with your friends, family and the world what your values and priorities are. And you never know who you will inspire in the process. Your vision statement and goals are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
    On another note, it just popped up on my screen (why, days later, I don't know) that you became a follower. MY 100TH!!!! How cool is that? Thank you for your part in making this possible. I am happy and honored to have you, Kristin xo

  5. So inspiring. Its important to share your goals..WEll done!!..This way one feels committed to finished them. I challenged myself to write7 posts related to my tag line "Enjoy the Ride" Each day I write with a different purpose in mind... but eveyone is written with my heart and soul and with God as my Guide and North.. So gladto meet you!

  6. Hi. I've been out of town most of this week, so I just got to see this. I love this and I love that you're going to call your facebook page "Branching Out". Isn't it amazing how we're all tied together. My painting of the same name, done at this time, seems like confirmation for you to do this! Beautiful!


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