Thursday, July 8, 2010

Artistic Mother Poetry Tote Progress ~ New Things in Life

Recent advice:  Do something you never thought you could or would do.

Sources:  Kelly Rae Roberts, Flying Lessons e-course teacher/artist/author
Rachelle Gardner, literary agent

Why?  It is one of the things that will make you a better writer and/or artist.

So here I am, doing new things.

Things like:


South Beach Diet.
(that is a HUGE coming out of the closet for me ~ but it's working!)

Taking an online ecourse and networking with women all over the world!

Posting blogs 5 days a week and promoting them.

Resisting the temptation to compare myself to other:
moms, photographers, writers, artists, business women.

Exercises in being true to me.  Examining what is important to me.

Standing up and being me.

Continuing to embrace my own identity and uniqueness, rather than compare.

Remembering that my victory is in Jesus, my identity is secure in Him.

Small brave steps.  One at a time.

I could write an endless post about each one of these!

I have committed to doing all 12 projects in the Artistic Mother by Shona Cole.

I just watched the movie Julie & Julia.

Instead of French cooking, I am making art.

Shona Cole is my Julia Child.

This tote bag is like Julie's boning a duck.

I have been stalled at week 3, as many of you know.

Sewing a "Poetry Tote" for my "Poetry Journal".

Here is the story.  Instead of matching the fabric to my poetry journal, I shopped in the sale bin and found these lovely greens, which is perfect.  Olive greens were the main color in my grandmother's home decorating palette.  Everything revolved around olive green.    The photo is my Grandma Marj and me in 1974? 1975?  My Grandma Marj lived next door to us, and is the one who taught me about birds.  She is the reason that I know the names of the birds and get so excited to see a new bird. 

The tote. 
Thank you to my mom for giving me for a cutting mat and rotary cutter!
I will have second thoughts about fabric with stripes.
Getting them square, in line, frustrating.
Fabric stretches, moves, curves.
Paper is what I usually work with.
It stays the same shape.
I like that.

I do love printing pictures on fabric.
That is fun and I look foward to playing with it.
I do not anticipate quilt making...
well, if I do, it will definitely be CRAZY quilts.
I am not into precise measurements.
So, squares are a challenge.
But . . . I am doing something new.
And I am having fun.

Now, I need to thread the bobbin with my
olive thread.
Good thing I have Sydney to help me!

Last 2 Photos and text copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.
First photo copyright Linda D'Orazio.


  1. I love all your "new" things! Great to share them...thanks.
    Shona is my Julia also, that's so funny, but true!
    I love, love what is going to be your tote and the story behind it(your Grandma)...can't wait to see it all done up!!!

  2. It will be fine if you have "boo boos" or your stripes aren't straight...........that means you can embellish over the boo boo!! Love, Mom

  3. Your mom is right. There are no mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for new discoveries and opportunities. The fabrics you chose are lovely. That is such a sweet picture of you and your grandmother. Such sweet memories. We grow when we try new things and become more well rounded.

    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group &

  4. I forgot to mention, in response to the comment you left on my blog, that I am praying for you for direction. I can totally to you. It seems I am always praying for direction for myself as well. I usually set my expectations and goals too high for myself and therefore set myself up for failure.

    Please do not feel any pressure from our group to be at the same level as everyone else. We are all going at our own pace and fitting these projects into our lives and our time table. Sometimes some of us will take a little break for things that come up in our lives, then get back to it. It's also good to just do a little each day on the projects so that it does not become overwhelming and so you don't get burned out. I wouldn't try to do a whole project in a day or two. Just break it down into little baby steps and enjoy the process. We are building habits that we will use the rest of lives not just while doing these projects.


  5. Thanks Rayanne, Mom, & Trudy...I am all excited and I can't get the machine to work...better call Mom! Thanks for the prayer offer, Trudy.

  6. Just don't get stressed. You should have seen me when I first started sewing a few years ago. I couldn't even thread the machine. My husband had to read the manual and show me how. I was so stressed and thought I would never be able to do it.

  7. Love your list. And I totally agree- Shona is my Julia too (I also watched the movie a short while ago). The tote was the project I dreaded the most, but it also meant an awful lot when I overcame my fear of sewing and made it (and one for my girls, which included striped and checked fabric). If I can do it, you can do it too! Good luck!

  8. Jodi, I love the list of things you're doing. Some of them I'm trying myself, so I can relate pretty well.
    You are a great photographer! I simply love those pictures. I took a peek at the South Dakota wildflower post and I will return for that when I'll have a bit more time. I went to SD two years ago and I loved the prairie. So different from where I live.

  9. that photo...just so precious..looking forward to seeing your tote finished yor list....its one so many can reate

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    Host of The Artistic Mother's Art Group


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