Monday, June 21, 2010

South Dakota Summer. . .Saturday??? How about Monday?

So life got the best of me and my intentions for a Saturday post flew out the window with a boring list of to-do's and ta-da's and yada-yada's. . .

But Father's Day in the Badlands was a fun day trip for us ~ beautiful day and beautiful scenery.  Playing tourist in our own backyard is something we do alot of lately.  Realizing what is right here is a treat.  It's all about "embrace your place."

We ate the best bacon your taste buds could touch at The Red Rock Restaraunt in Wall.  So I am passing the word along that if you want an excellent home-cooked breakfast, it is the place to stop.

Wall Drug is one of those places you have to stop at because of all the billboard signs along I-90. . . you'd always wonder if you didn't stop . . . and then after you have stopped . . .well, you don't have to wonder anymore. 

We live in our little place on the ranch often oblivious to the amount of tourists that come to South Dakota.  A couple hours at Wall Drug gives a clear picture of the importance of tourism to our state's economy.  My kids loved the toy store . . . and so did every other child that was passing by on I-90 that day.  I was content to hang around in the bookstore.  That would be me. 

A great day with a great dad for my kids & me.
Jim & I are both blessed with great dad's of our own.
Happy Father's Day!

Do you have memories of Wall Drug or the Badlands or Father's Day tradtions?
I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. WOW!!! What a wonderful part of the country you live in. Just awesome.

    A kitchen in many homes, mine included is a creative workspace, has been for centuries.

    Enjoy your life ~ FlowerLady


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