Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mom, What Can We Do Together?

"Mom, what can we do together?" Sydney asks.

I hope she continues to ask this question.

I hope she continues to want to spend time with me.

I hope she will continue to want to do something together.

We went to our "Bernina Basics" class together on Saturday.  So we learned basic basics.  In the first hour and a half, as both of our stomachs were protesting vehemently for food and our mouths were parched, I took notes on needle sizes and types, thread types, and Sydney listened and laid her head on the table.  At last, we were able to take a break and run to the convenience store together for a snack and a drink.  Ahhh. . . one of Sydney's favorite things to do together is have a snack and this was no exception.  The second half with our satisfied tummies, we learned how to clean the machine and do some basic stitching.  "Let's make a baby blanket for Jasper!" Sydney says.

So we have our first goal together.

A baby blanket.

And after a little mishap with Toby the beagle stepping on the foot pedal . . .

{which I knew how to take care of because of our Bernina Basics class}

we completed our first sewing project together.
Our community is in a baby boom this summer.

So together, Sydney and I plan to make pink and blue

snuggly blankets for the new babies in central Meade County.
Now I am ready for my Artistic Mother project #3 {I think}.

Photos/Text copyright 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. Yes, Grandma Linda loves it. Looks like you guys did a super job!!

  2. Hadley's blanket is so cute!!! Great colors too! Sydney did a wonderful job on it! I love the stitching pattern as well! Thank you so very much!


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