Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Birding.

"Mom! Come outside and listen! It sounds beautiful out this morning!" 
were the words of my youngest before school this week.

She was so right.  

It sounded absolutely beautiful.

The sun was shining. Snow was melting and the birds were so happy
that their happiness spilled over onto us with their singing.

Do you know what made me happiest?
That she heard it.
That my girl's ears were open enough to notice and to fully completely delight in the sounds
so much that she wanted me to hear it too.

Oh, my friends, that is why I share my pictures and stories 
about birds,
about heart-shaped rocks,
about sunsets,
about dewdrops on blades of grass,
about sunshine on barbed wire fences
about my faith.
Because I want you
to see it and hear it too.
I want you to see 
the sacred,
the beautiful,
the holy,
the breathtaking
in everyday

It is May.

May is the month of migration and also of nest building.

It is the month that I anticipate the arrival of my favorite blue birds:
the Lazuli Bunting and the more rare Indigo Bunting.

So you will see me sharing my pictures on facebook, Instagram, and right here,
as I get so crazy happy about these birds.

I hope that some of that happy spills over into your life too!

Fill your feeders with sunflower seeds and suet
and bring them into your yard and watch your kids get excited about them too!

I'd love to see and hear about the birds you see too!

Happy Birding!

"If you get bored with birds, you get bored with life."
Roger Tory Peterson


  1. love the photos; lovely post Jodene. Happy Snowy Spring; hope all is well with baby calves and mommas, too. Bless you.

  2. Jodi,
    While out and about on the ranch I see and hear many meadowlarks. I love to hear their songs. I also see red winged black birds, Canadian geese pairs and ducks.

    Glad your little ones enjoy the small things in life that bring big smiles to your heart!


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