Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Location for Mixed Media Art Classes!

Let me take you on a little virtual tour
of the Hoffman's Rifle Ranch
and the scenery around their guest house
which is the location of my summer mixed media art classes!

The Hoffman's ranch is located south of White Owl, SD, on Corral Road.
Locals know it as the old Two Rivers Ranch,
named because the Belle Fourche River runs into the Cheyenne River.

The scenery is rich with wildlife and prairie grasses and wildflowers.

It is a beautiful mix of prairie grassland dotted with pristine dams and ponds
where mallard ducks lazily and happily swim along 
and cedar filled river breaks hide 
mule deer, antelope, and perhaps occasional bobcats or mountain lions.

Surprisingly some of the breaks are so filled with pines and rock
that you would think you were hiking in the Black Hills.
Appropriately this spot below has been named
"Little Black Hills" by Gina Hoffman.

It may take a significant drive along SD Highway 34 to get to your destination,
but you will be so glad that you adventured here!
It is so beautiful that it is hard for me to believe that Brent and Gina are
sharing the secret of what they have down in these breaks.,
but they get such joy from sharing.

The Hoffman's will be hosting my art classes
and serving lunch or dinner
in their recently built guest house.
Brent and Gina believe in warm hospitality and good food.
They are so excited to share their little corner of the world with us.

This summer, I am leading three mixed media classes
on four days in July.
You can read about them and register here:

Bring your camera!
Being here will be as much of a treat as your art time!
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  1. Absolutely beautiful!! What a perfect place for an art retreat.


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