Saturday, June 21, 2014

Come on Jodene Rose . . . let's go do something!

So, yesterday,
I shared the following status on my facebook page:

I don't have a middle name.
 I've always liked that. No secret name to hide for people to giggle at . . . just one name.
 My girls, however, have decided to try to give me one.
 E has settled on one in particular. 
Last night, after pelting me one after another with "Mom, mom, mom, maaaam," 
she says to me, "Come on, Jodene Rose, let's go do something." 

So, I've been named "Jodene Rose" or "Jodi Rose" by my daughter.

I thought I'd share the rest of the story.

The "Come on, let's go do something part"

After much "Watch me!!" 
on the bicycle, 
upon which she is thrilled to ride, start, and stop all by herself,
we discovered two nests in our yard.

One in a pine tree.
Another in the spruce we planted the year my Grandpa Tommy passed away.

Mourning doves.

We found the first one when
she flew away as we walked by...
so I got a step stool and stretched my arms up
with the camera 
to get this sweet little peek inside.

She has survived two hailstorms, heavy rain, and of course prairie wind
on this little haphazard nest
that looks like it could easily blow away.

We have also found over 34 heart shaped rocks
{and many other shapes with fun patterns}
in two days.

We marveled at beautiful skies.
Erin snapped photos right alongside me.

And roasted marshmallows in the driveway.

Come on, Jodene Rose, let's go do something...

Reminds me of another time she said,
"I'm gonna go outside and live my life!"

Click this link to see what she did that time:  live my life

Should I expect anything less from the girl, 
at age 2, 
that squirmed and squealed in her car seat 
saying something that at first I couldn't understand,
until I stopped the car to check on her.
At last I understood.
She was scream-squealing, "Wiiiiings!"  
She was trying to free her "wings" from the car seat.
Once I let her arms out,
she was quiet and content.

This is the child
with strong will who freely shares her unfiltered thoughts,
who, at times, drives me crazy with her unbending nature,
yet bravely, honestly, encourages me
to take flight, 
to live life, 
to do 

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  1. Love it! Your daughter is so much like mine. Mine says she wants to live in the wild so she can run free all the time. :)
    Beautiful photos and I like the encouragement to get out and live. ♥


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