Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quietly Finding Light, Patterns and Textures

I have had a difficult time finding words lately.

But I finally went out again after 4 months
to seek light, and patterns and textures around the ranch.

After all that time, my dog remembered.
When I pulled on the old joggers and my hiking shoes,
he came to life.

I'm still finding it hard to find words to share.

So I'll just share my walk with the dog and the Nikon.

And borrow some words from an amazingly strong and unique woman
in my community.
She writes about faith in response to an abandoned nest photo I had shared.

if only we are willing to let go of our 'safe places' with the faith of the birds who trust that 

every year God will give them the resources to build again a nurturing home when they 

return from far distant lands where God urges them to fly....

abandoned nests have always been such a symbol of courage to me, letting go... moving 

on, following God's plan even for such tiny creatures . . .

She has been living the letting-go, courage, trusting God to build again
as her son heals
and we see the miracle of walking in faith.

I am grateful for her wisdom, her words, her living it.

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